Riverdashboard Extension: The Wire & Auto Refresh v1.1

Release Notes

This updated version contains not only the wire but also an auto refresh feature for the entire river dashboard.

Once again, this is a standalone mod.

You can configure this plugin to use either pg/dashboard or pg/activity. (Depending on your riverdashboard settings)

You can configure the refresh rate anywhere between 5 seconds and 10 minutes.


This is my first time using the settings feature of the mod system, so if there are any problems, please don't hesitate to make a comment. Thanks.

  • al actualizar con autodash se cortan los vídeos, es decir cuando veo un vídeo se corta por que el autodash actualiza  

  • @mariano Sorry, I only speak english.

  • @Untamed Ok, when he's watching a video on the river dashboard it gets "cut" because Autodas is refreshing...

  • The video disappears, or it just gets reset?


    It is understandable that it gets reset back to not playing / the beginning, because ajax is refreshing the whole page, just using javascript instead of the normal browser refresh function.


    The only thing I can think of pertaining to it getting reset is to stick a cookie in the user's browser right before it gets reset, containing the video that they are watching and the time they are at. Then when the page refreshes, load up the video and start it playing on that exact time automatically. There would still be a few second delay where it wouldn't be playing, but it's better then it not playing at all.

    An easier way of handling the problem is just not allowing people to view videos directly in the riverdashboard - bring them to a page/link that is not with/part of/inside the riverdashboard.


    If it completely disappears and doesn't come back after the ajax refreshes the page, then that is just odd, and should be brought up with the developer of the plugin that this issue is occuring with, as all the refresh does is use javascript to refresh the majority of the riverdashboard. It is nearly identical to clicking the refresh button.


    Good luck, and if there are any other problems, feel free to leave a comment.

  • @Untamed :I tried to use this plugin. but it not work. autodash is not refresh.

    any suggestions for me.

    thanks so much.

  • @lina nguyen

    This plugin should work fine with the default elgg 1.7.5.

    Make sure you have 1.7.5 ELGG, although 1.7.1 and higher -may- work as well.

    Make sure you have no plugins [besides this one] interfering with the riverdashboard, and make sure you have the default riverdashboard.

    Make sure javascript is enabled. Make sure no plugin interferes with any major part of javascript on the site.

    Good luck!

  • works like a charm , only problem being is the alignement with the bar and 'Go' button , sit's uneasy .

  • i have a problem with this plugin. When i'm commenting a blog. river refresh and i can not finish my comments.

    any suggestions for me.

  • yes, the same goes for the comments, when one writes a comment to this update clears what I wrote

  • opened to find a way, when a person watches a video, autodash have to realize that that person is watching the video or this comment then you know you do not have to upgrade but when a person is inactive if, as does facebook 

  • This works great for me for admin users... but regular users get an error claiming that they don't have permission to post to the wire...

  • I can confirm problem with regular users not having permission to post to the wire, shame as the possibility of modifying riverdashboard by plugin instead of replacing the whole riverdashboard is definitely appealing.

  • there seems to be a bug. (actually this bug occurs in any wire-extension i have tried so far.)

    when i post something to my wire, the dashboard will crash (-> white page without any errors even when they're activated). What still works is the wire. When I visit the wire, there's my this new post which looks rather strange: it was written by "Site name" (the name of my site) and, of course, doesn't have an avatar. That's probably the reason why the dashboard crashes.

    i am using elgg 1.7.7

    can anyone confirm this bug? any suggestions?

  • Thanks for the plugin, seems to be well. Great work!

  • Yep, on my site a regular user is unauthorized to add post via riverdahboard wire.

    Any suggestions, please?

    elgg 1.7.7

  • Any sign of the users not being able to post bug being fixed?

    I'm sure DHrup would be able to fix this in seconds..

  • Thanks for the plugin. I currently installed your plugin and activated it. It worked fine when logged in as Administrator, however, if logged in as a member it takes you to the home page of the website instead of the riverdashboard, when you try to post to the river. Futhermore, no post shows up. I'm currently using 1.1 and I configured it to return to riverdashboard and not activity. Even when I tried activity in the conguration, the samething happens. Any hep?

  • The bookmarks section of ajaxpage points to a wrong destination. Is it possible to make it similar to bookmarks ?


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1882
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