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first release

  • Please how do I try this plugin? I mean the configuration aspect. Is it like a normal plugin that I can copy to 'mod' folder

  • @kxx4 yes it is. But after you copied it, you have to configure your api keys in mod/videochat/vendors/callwidget-tokbox-php-sdk-v0/API_Config.php

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I've tried your plugin and when creating a chat room I got:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ElggObject::remove() in /usr/home/ on line 28


  • @ Jeroen:Plz what changes or configuration steps should i take in the API_config.php?It will be great if the users' profile pictures shows in the chat room and also beside chatters' comments....when i get to that point i'll c

  • @Canterbury change remove into delete on line 28. If you ran into this bug there is something wrong with your api_config i guess.

    @kxx4 currently all users are created as guest users, so there is no possibility of having the profile icon appear in the chat. You need to configure the partner_key, partner_secret and api_server setting in the api_config file. You will get those info when you have requested the keys @ or

  • @jeroen: Thanks....I really need that kind of function, how can I get it done.please do it as an upgrade

  • @kxx4 there are no plans for that kind of functionality in the near future as it requires (automated) creation of accounts on the tokbox platform. The current focus is on giving people the possibility of videochatting


    Hi Jeroen,

    This is what I have entered. Is there anything obviously wrong?

      class API_Config {
            // Replace this value with your TokBox API Partner Key
            const PARTNER_KEY = "147511";
            // Replace this value with your TokBox API Partner Secret
            const PARTNER_SECRET = "39f9ee20a4e91d48eec883720092aa2208106859";
            // API Server (Test env:  Production env:
            const API_SERVER = "";

  • Hi Jeroen

    i am using video chat plugin, i have configure api key also after that create new video chatroom,then click join

    show in this error: 

     There is no room available with the provided id. what can i do this error?

  • @canterbury as far as i can see you are using the wrong keys. There is a difference at tokbox between API's. You need to request API key on the url i provided in the description of this plugin. The url of the API Server should be or

    @arivalagan did the room open after you created the room? Did it work than?

  • the idea is to say goodbye to the wire, and no longer depends on the wire to clear the states, an idea I have in mind is when a person writes his state to directly delete the riverdashboard and not have to go to the wire to clear their state, another idea is to remove the publications of my friends, just delete my wall but not delete them on. would be a little more comfortable because at the moment to delete must go to the wire and is very uncomfortable.

    in spanish 

    la idea es decirle adiós al the wire, ya no depender mas del the wire para borrar los estados, una idea que tengo en mente es cuando una persona escribe su estado pueda borrarlo directamente del riverdashboard y no  tener que ir al the wire para borrar su estado, otra idea es borrar las publicaciones de mis amigos, solo borrarlas de mi muro pero que no se las borre a el. seria un poco mas cómodo ya que por el momento para borrarlas hay que ir al the wire y es muy incomodo.

  • @mariano i think this is a bit off-topic

  • Hi Jeroen, I have the same problem as Arivalagan has. When I open a new Video room, I have just a white screen and nothing more happens. Then I go back an with the result of 2 identical rooms. As soon I click on a room, I'm getting the error: There is no room available with the provided id. 

    Can you give me a hint, how to solve this problem? 

    Thanks in advanced



  • Hi Jeroen,I am having the same expirience as described.
    I admire your KISS style = Keeping It Simply Simple

    Many thanks for releasing this.

  • Hi Jeroen, I changed it to ""  and now it works. 

    Many thank's


  • great plugin! i'd like to see some more development from this, like these kind of features:

    + delete rooms
    + set unlimited time limit on the rooms
    + post to river that user has made a chat room name chatroom

    great stuff man, keep it up!

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