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Favorite and tag your network content - based on bookmarks plugin

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This is an adaptation of the Boomarks plugin, and can be used in conjunction with bookmarks. Created in order to remove the extra click neccessary when saving content from within the network as a bookmark, and also to remove confusion as to where to comment, (why comment on a bookmark when it's possible to comment on the original content?)

As I'm not a programmer do check this in a dev environment. I have tested it in a few sites and had no probs so far, pretty sure the code should be cleaned up I'm guessing there are some group, comment and 'favlet' referrals that could be removed. if I were a programmer I would change a couple of other things in the plugin.

The Plugin Will add a "Favorite This" link to the sidebar. (In my production site I have removed the sidebar "Bookmark This" link in order to stop confusion between the two)

Main differences between this and Bookmarks:
1) Clicking on the favorited content title in the list, river and widget views will take the user directly to the content.
2) No "description" and "comment" fields in the form
3) No Group option
4) No "favlet" as in "bookmarklet" button

Included in zip is also lang file for Hebrew and css for RTL sites, simply change the name of css.php to something else and then change css_rtl.php to css.php


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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