Registration Control v0.2.2

Release Notes

Fixed the footer view bug. Now it follows standard system layout.

  • Thanks Trajan!

    I really hate to be a bother, but remember when you disabled the tickbox for agreeing to the terms? It worked, and there is no longer the tickbox option. Hoewer, when the register form is filled out (with no terms tickbox) and "Register" is clicked, an error occurred, with the popup message saying "you must agree to the terms", and then returning a blank register page. 

  • You mean, accept terms is turned off, but the error "please accept the terms" is still stopping you from registering?

  • Ok I will update another version eventually, what you need to do is the following:

    go to Registration_control/start.php

    find line 54 which should look like this:

    function registrationterms_register_hook()


    if (get_input('agreetoterms',false) != 'true') {





    Cut this code and move it to line 43 which afterwards should look like this:

    $termsChecker = get_plugin_setting('Terms','Registration_Control');

    if (!$termsChecker || $termsChecker == 'yes') {

                         extend_view('register/extend', 'Registration_Control/terms/register', 1000);


                    function registrationterms_register_hook()


    if (get_input('agreetoterms',false) != 'true') {






    That will stop the function running if the terms is turned off. Good luck!

  • Woop yay! That did the trick, thanks! :)

  • @ Trajan   Does this bug out with "custom reg" (login and reg on same page)? Also, did I see you said people can join groups upon registration, or did I make that up somehow. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME is new regs could use a multi select drop down upon registration to join groups, JUST AWESSSSSSSSSSSOME!

  • Great plugin trajan!
    Works ver nice

  • This has now incorporated a plugin that forces a join_group event on registration. I uses a textfield that allows more than 1 group to be selected. You need to know the guid of the group for it to work, but there are clear instructions.

  • Just realized the language file is setup for a pet project of mine, but you can use it as a good example for filling/styling the box on the right.

  • @trajan..HAve you updated this plugin to correct the issues pointed out? if so, where can i see the latest. the password checker i got from webgalli gave me that problem and ade other registration plugins to disappear

  • Woops, sorry forgot to update it. I will get on that within the month. You can also follow the above mentioned bug fixes until a new version is released.

  • Will it work together with the siteaccess plugin which I use to let only peaople register who know the sitepassword? Or is a similar option included maybe?

  • Get the id from the urls of the groups you want to select.

    it will not show up on register page.  I use 1.7.7


  • Doesn't work with siteaccess (kind of the same concept). Currently doesn't have a password to register feature. Could be an expansion in the future.

    @gugu: that is done automatically in the backend. Users cannot choose this from the register page.

  • @ trajan: thank now I understand :)

    do you know if it is some conflicts with this plugin and vazco_topbar ?
    then I open register page it mess upp topbar "you can see it here"
    and do you know how to make terms open in new windows (I try differents way but can´t get it to work)

  • @gugu: I've not tested with the latest release of Registration control, but I had the same trouble with release 0.1 and vazco_topbar. Both plugins are using the same view and can't be used at the same time - at least not if not one of the plugins gets modified or the plugins maybe get merged into one.

  • @iionly: I download and try "usernamePasswordChecker" and it is there the problem is !
    I must figure out how to solve it I like both plugins this and vazco_topbar.
    Think I read some post here about how to solve it if plugins use same view.
    but can´t find it now :) Okey I tell you if I find a solution for it !

  • TSFI

    Hi, I installed this plugin, and fixed some spelling mistakes but still nobody can't register to my website because the registration page says that it's not allowed to the visitors to register. What's is now wrong? :(

  • Go to your admin backend and look in the settings for the plugin. Your answer lies there.

  • This works well on 1.8 though there are some css issues to sort out on the register page but nothing that cant be sorted in a small amount of time.




  • Thanks for the response Dave, CSS is pretty easy to fix and there is a newer version (not yet uploaded) that moves the JQuery validation under each form field instead of next to it. I'll try and get that uploaded this week.

  • Hi,

    I have been facing a issues of SPAM registration and SPAM blog. So i decided to stop registration and wait for stable Elgg product till than. So i installed this plugins but surprised to see output

    I used "Registration_Control" plugins to stop new registration and found that still SPAM registration is happening and they are able to create SPAM registration and SPAM blog.

    I can see that registration form is not found in "" but still how the registration is happening? thats really making me surprise :)

    Any clue???????

    for more can read therad as well..


  • A good plugin bundle to have in any ELGG site.

  • any new updates yet for 1.8.3+ or just new features?  I run 1.8.3, and i am using this plugin after some editing.  however i got it down to one error, and i cant quite figure it out...

    Deprecated in 1.8: settings/Registration_Control/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/Registration_Control/settings Called from [#8] C:\Users\itstheshawnp\Documents\Xampp\htdocs\engine\lib\views.php:503

    all other errors are gona and it is working pretty well.  if i can just get the last error sorted i will upload it, unless you have anything new to add to it!  keep up the good work!

  • still would love for a way to remove the mandatory email field as i do not use email on my servers.  i dont need it, dont want it, and just want it gone!  hope someone here can help.


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