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To Do: Terms open in lightbox instead of new page incorporate sitecode plugin Suggestions welcome (including developer cooperation)


Combined original plugins Added feature for box on the right of register page Warning: ONLY tested on 1.7.1 and 1.7.4 so far. Use at your own risk Most likely not compatible with siteaccess plugin (unknown) Most likely not compatible with profile manager if it has register profile_icon enabled (might appear twice) Enjoy!

  • i try to use this plugin.But usernamepasswordchecker not work.

    Anybody can help me to solve this problem.thanks.

  • @lina nguyen: not quite sure what you mean. With this plugin you don't need to use the usernamepasswordchecker plugin.

  • i use your plugin.But a part in your plugin not work. It is usernamepasswordchecker.

    usernamepassword not check.

  • Did you enable it in the plugin's settings?

  • yes. i enable all the plugin's setting.BUt a part usernamepasswordchecker not work.

  • Ok, what elgg environment are you running on?

    I'm a little confused, because username and password are controlled separately, not together.

  • i'm using ELgg 1.7.3

    both checker user and password not work.

    when i register a new user.

    This plugin don't check username at this time and strength password don't check.

  • Nice work Trajan :)

    I always thought of bundling these up, from the time Leo released his usernamepasswordchecker plugin but what :) got no time hehehe BIg excuse :P

    very nice work Trajan :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)


  • I would really like to use this plugin, especially due to forcing new members to upload a profile picture already at registering their account.

    Unfortunately, it seems it doesn't work as intented (yet?) and there is also a problem when using your plugin together with vazco_topbar:

    • Major issue: account registering is possible without uploading a profile picture even if this option is turned on in plugin settings. There might be another incompatibility with another plugin I've not discovered yet. Vazco_topbar is not responsible for this issue. Another candidate I suspected was the celebrations plugin, because this plugin seems not to work together with the profile manager plugin, but that seems not causing the issue either.
    • With vazco_topbar enabled the username check is not executed. I had a similar issue with the useravailable plugin. In case of that plugin it worked by changing the id "username" to "username2" (unfortunately, I never got this plugin working anymore in Elgg 1.7...).
  • if this is an unedited version of the password strength checker.. the bugs are with the original plugin.. i stopped using the original one in my test site as it is incomplete.

  • Thanks for the comments and the compatibility/bug reports guys. I will try and fix them for you.

    @iionly: Might well be that I didn't pick up all of the code from profile_manager to force the profile_icon as mandatory. I will look through it again. I will look into the username checker etc. with vazco_topbar 

    @tunist: yeah it's very possible. I didn't change any of their coding except to put it into the new plugin (changed a lot of language calls and folder names but that won't be the issue).

  • Thanks, it would be nice, if the profile icon upload issue would be fixed. I looked a bit at the code and I didn't see any checks being done to ensure a picture is uploaded. I already thought that maybe it's not intended that the users MUST upload an image but they only are told they have to. :)

    I tried to fix the issue with vazco_topbar by modifying the code of your plugin. Unfortunately, I have not been fully successful yet. While the check is now done it spoils the topbar login elements offered by vazco_topbar. Also the output of the tests is not displayed in separate boxes but displayed below the text fields instead.

    I also noticed that the form field for the picture upload is wider than the box. With Chrome I had a very strange issue. It always selected another file instead of the picture I wanted to upload but this might be a Chrome issue as it worked with FF.

    In the end I also had some trouble registering a test account even with vazco_topbar disabled. I've not yet figured out what exactly is the problem. The error message tells me that either the username is already taken (although your plugin tells otherwise... and it really isn't!), password or username would be too short... I'm not sure if it's maybe only a caching issue at least partly. It started when I disabled the password strength check (as it gives some questionable results anyway, for example 6 letters = weak, then adding a number = very weak???). But even after enabling all checks again it still didn't work again.

  • @iionly: I think what I might do is add another setting to backend that allows admins to turn on/off forced picture upload. In my experience these forced actions on registration can often result in potential users deciding not to register because they can't find a suitable picture or generally can't be bothered.

    I'm also thinking of further integrating it with vazco_profile icon plugin (name not exact) to allow for profile_icon selection from register box instead of just upload. (This is long distance planning and will require some research into the vazco plugin)

    I've heard that a few plugins in the past have suffered problems with vazco_topbar. I stopped using it after I learnt how to do some basic coding.

    As to Chrome, that's what I develop (test) in generally. It's not standards compliant so can often do some strange things. I tested in Chrome, FF & IE all working properly.


  • The integration of vazco's profile icon plugin sounds cool! I'm thinking about buying that plugin at some time as some icons to choose from might motivate more users to add a picture. At registering the option to choose either one of the offered icons or to upload a picture is surely the best way to do it. You're right about forcing the upload already at registering might turn off some people from registering at all. It's just that a lot of users don't upload a picture at any time later either and all these grey heads are kind of boring. I don't know what's the best way to motivate more people to add a profile icon. I tried it with a "best profile picture" contest once with not much success.

    Even with the need to add a profile picture at registering the problem with existing accounts without icon still isn't solved. I think it's a good idea to make the profile picture upload optional, but at least offer the opportunity.

    I don't know if the problem with vazco_topbar is solely due to vazco_topbar or mainly due to two plugins offer at least partly the same functionality, i.e. enhancing registering in this case. I guess at least one of the conflicting plugins has to be modified to allow co-existence in any case.

  • Site Access kills much of  this nifty PlugIn... ;-(

  • How is  the "disable registration" option working? Does it mean that only the admin can add new members on the platform or that the registration process is completely off... Thanks in advance

  • The disable registration does the following two things:

    1) It removes the "register" link from the index page
    2) It changes the content of to block the register form.

    If Disable registration is set to on, there is no way for visitors to register because they can't reach the form. However, Admins can still create new users in the backend.

  • Can you add an option to join obligatory one group?

  • That's a feature I was thinking about myself, although not necessarily for this plugin. I will consider the possibilities and try for an update.

    Just to let you all know, I have found an issue when the login box and register box appear on the same page. The JQuery checking gets confused about where to assign itself to. Anyone else found this issue?

  • @martinez: that functionality is actually already available in another plugin called autosubscribegroup. I will however include it in the next version to again group all of these registration style plugins together.


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