Group Custom Layout - the latest version is updated for elgg 1.7.6 v1.3.3

Release Notes


Version history



1.3.3 - fixed: some 'add new content' links were not pointing to the correct pages when no content was available for the widgets.


1.3.2   - changed: moved 'no content found' messages to box content area, from footers.

        - added: 'add new content' links to each widget for logged in visitors


1.3.1 - fixed: format for discussion widget to ensure 'view all' link appears once only.

- changed: 'view more' URLs for files and bookmarks widget are updated for 1.7.5 - including version check for backwards compatibility.


1.3     - added: support for event calendar - fixed references to already existing code

        - changed: moved blog widget code to group_custom_layout to support standard CSS


1.2.9   - changed: CSS hierarchy of background for group field text


1.2.8   - fixed: notification text messages


1.2.7 - fixed: CSS bugs

- added: color pickers for widget footers and links


1.2.6   - changed: set default of header/field color flags to be 'no'

- changed: standardised CSS classes across main widgets

- added: support for webgalli_gmessageboard widget


1.2.5   - fixed: removed debug code


1.2.4:  - added: files widget

        - added: flags for 'set header background color' and 'set fields background color'. 

        - fixed: 'more pages' link on pages widget


1.2.3:  - added: group bookmarks widget

        - fixed: background images


1.2.2:  - added: 2nd background image option


1.2:    - added: group river widget



- added: option to disable/enable custom colors

- added: option to disable/enable custom background

- changed: placement of some javascript

- fixed: Groups widgets not dragging in Elgg 1.6



- fixed: group discussion links now correct

- changed: css now for default Elgg Theme


- fixed: ie bug dragging of widgets

- fixed: tooltip on configured widgets

- changed: default option of background image and colors set to 'no'

- changed: views/default/group_custom_layout/group/css.php to support css


- Initial release


  • Great Plugin!
    Thanks for sharing!
    works perfectly

  • The "Free-html" widget has bug(s) - it is clearing it's content when the widgets are saved.  The bug is in views/default/group_widgets/free_html/edit.php

    <input type="text" name="group_widgets_<?php echo $widget_name; ?>_settings[widget_title]" value="<?php echo $entity->widget_title; ?>" size="40" maxlenght="250"/><br />
        <?php echo elgg_echo("group_custom_layout:widgets:free_html:settings:html_content"); ?><br />
        <textarea name="group_widgets_<?php echo $widget_name; ?>_settings[html_content]" cols="40" rows="6"><?php echo filter_tags($widget->html_content); ?></textarea>

    It should be:

    <input type="text" name="group_widgets_<?php echo $widget_name; ?>_settings[widget_title]" value="<?php echo $entity->widget_title; ?>" size="40" maxlength="250"/><br />
        <?php echo elgg_echo("group_custom_layout:widgets:free_html:settings:html_content"); ?><br />
        <textarea name="group_widgets_<?php echo $widget_name; ?>_settings[html_content]" cols="40" rows="6"><?php echo filter_tags($entity->html_content); ?></textarea>

    On the last line, "widget" should be "entity" and "maxlength" is spelt wrong.

    BTW - This new code was added to filter the input, which is laudable, but it fails to do that too.  The current implementation will allow nefarious content to be saved and displayed and only filtered the next time the widget is edited.  It should leave the input alone and use:

    echo filter_tags($widget->html_content);

    in views/group_widgets/free_html/view.php


  • And since I'm being picky

            'group_custom_layout:settings:allow_colors' => "Allow custimization of colors",
            'group_custom_layout:settings:allow_background' => "Allow custimization of background image",
    "custimization" is spelled "customization"

  • thanks sean, i don't use that widget and haven't tested it, i'll add your code changes and test it now.

    i have some other changes/fixes to put in so i'll upload a new version soon.

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