Group Custom Layout - the latest version is updated for elgg 1.7.6 v1.3

Release Notes


Version history


1.3     - added: support for event calendar - fixed references to already existing code

        - changed: moved blog widget code to group_custom_layout to support standard CSS


1.2.9   - changed: CSS hierarchy of background for group field text

1.2.8   - fixed: notification text messages

1.2.7 - fixed: CSS bugs

- added: color pickers for widget footers and links

1.2.6   - changed: set default of header/field color flags to be 'no'

- changed: standardised CSS classes across main widgets

- added: support for webgalli_gmessageboard widget

1.2.5   - fixed: removed debug code

1.2.4:  - added: files widget

        - added: flags for 'set header background color' and 'set fields background color'. 

        - fixed: 'more pages' link on pages widget

1.2.3:  - added: group bookmarks widget

        - fixed: background images

1.2.2:  - added: 2nd background image option

1.2:    - added: group river widget


- added: option to disable/enable custom colors

- added: option to disable/enable custom background

- changed: placement of some javascript

- fixed: Groups widgets not dragging in Elgg 1.6


- fixed: group discussion links now correct

- changed: css now for default Elgg Theme


- fixed: ie bug dragging of widgets

- fixed: tooltip on configured widgets

- changed: default option of background image and colors set to 'no'

- changed: views/default/group_custom_layout/group/css.php to support css


- Initial release

  • I tried this plugin.  The only change I can detect is the "all group layouts" on the administration page.  I can create "layouts".  But I can't apply a layout to a group.  I want to be able to give customers ( non-admins or group admins) the ability to change the appearance to their group.  Did I miss the purpose of this plugin?

  • hey mike,

    that is surprising! since i have never seen 'all group layouts' appear in the admin area via this plugin.. and there's no phrase 'all group layouts' in the language file, nor anywhere else in the plugin source files.. how mysterious!

    the purpose is as you appear to think.. to allow each group to have a unique set of widgets and also to set the colours/bg images for group pages and page elements on a per group basis.

    perhaps you can see what occurs when you move the plugin lower in the plugin list in the admin area? there may be another plugin interfering with it in some way.

    i don't have any group admin management plugins on my site, so maybe you can start looking there.. even searching your mod folder for the phrase 'all group layouts' would be revealing.

  • How do you require your metadata : for idiots like me ? 

  • ~opensource:

    i didn't write the base of this plugin, so i don't immediately know what the answer to the question its..

    that said i'm not sure exactly what you are asking.. can you ask the question in a different, more detailed way please?


  • Hi Tunist,

    Sorry for the delay in the reply - I've been away.

    The group messageboard works great in the custom layout.


  • @MontanaMike and opensource, maybe this answers your queries:

    Custom group layout settings:

    A) for only featured groups:

    Metadata field name: featured_group

    Metadata field value: yes

    B) for all groups

    Metadata field name: type

    Metadata field value: group

  • A few small formatting bug fixes - at least for elgg 1.7.5


    was generating a 'more topics' link after every discussion topic


    • line 27 need to be moved outside the for loop

    several 'more_content' links broken for some widgets



    line 36 change

        $more_url = "{$vars['url']}pg/bookmarks/group:{$group->guid}/items/";


        $more_url = "{$vars['url']}pg/bookmarks/owner/group:{$group->guid}/items/";




    line 39 change

       $more_url = "{$vars['url']}pg/file/group:{$group->guid}/";


       $more_url = "{$vars['url']}pg/file/owner/group:{$group->guid}/";




    line 52 change

       $user_inbox = $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/izap_videos" . $group->username;


       $user_inbox = $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/videos/list/" . $group->username;

    That's all I've found so far, there may be more

  • thanks, yes, i am about to update the plugin to take into account the url changes in 1.7.5.. 

    i didn't notice the forum widget loop bug.. i only tested it with one discussion.. doh!

    i'll drop that fix in too.

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