Groups & Members with Ajax tabs - 1.7 v1.0.1

Release Notes

v.1.0.1: -- config correction -- replaced language files with defaults from 1.7.4 elgg

  • Response to gillie from v1.0 chat:

    With such a minor change there is little point making a separate plugin for it. The more plugins you have the slower your system will run. Adapt the plugins you have already, save the originals and keep a note of your changes = faster loading time.

    Language files look good now.

  • I agree with changing the plugin. Nick, you know my groups are going to have multiselect to show what types/categories of products they make. Can we build a drop down multi select search on the groups search page which will then list the groups (companies) by relevance to the search?

    Something like "List groups by categories (product types)" dropdown multi select. That would be awesome!

  • the idea is interesting, can you tell about the changes for 1.7.6?

  • @martinez - i have just uploaded my version of the code from elgg 1.7.6.

    this also now includes a 'my groups' tab in the groups mod.

    you can comment that part out in the code if you don't want it present in your site.

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