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Version 1.0.0, released 27th October, 2010* Inital release

  • @tunist: "i searched for 'file.php' in the mod folder, didn't find any hits."

    LOL I don't believe you, you probably searched on the wrong file name pattern. The search should give you _at least_ two results: "mod/smartfiles/views/default/object/file.php" and "mod/file/views/default/object/file.php". I'm pretty sure this is the route of your problems, i.e one active plugin that is _after_ smartfiles in your plugin list has another "views/default/object/file.php" in it's directory.

  • haha.. i was searching for 'file.php' within the text, rather than as the filename.. .

    indeed, there are several hits on the filename.. doh!

    that said.. there are no plugins underneath smartfiles that reference file.php..

    and disabling the ones that do reference file.php doesn't make any difference...

    and smartfiles appears to work more in my local site than the public one.. which is very similar..


  • @tunist: well I'm out of ideas too, so I'll just need to dig into your site. Sent you a PM, let's coordinate on how to resolve this issue.

  • @Everyone: Just to keep track of possible issues, tunist's problem is resolved, the file in question was not displayed because it's access level was set to "friends", and the Elgg access override feature in the smartfiles plugin settings was disabled.

  • thanks for the assistance :)

  • como puedo hacer solo para desactivar el botón download en los mp3 "archivos de música" ya que en mi país es ilegal descargar música, quiero que el botón download solo este activado para los archivos comunes y no en los mp3..

  • @mariano: If you need support for this plugin, you'll have to use english.

  • how I can do just to disable the download button on the mp3 "music files"because in mycountry it is illegal to download music, I want the download button is activated only forregular files and not the mp3 ..

  • @mariano: I'm sorry but your question does not relate to the Smart Files plugin. The download button is a core (file plugin) feature. You should ask this question in one of the general purpose Elgg discussion groups. To give you a start, you can check for the file's mime type and enable/disable the download button based on that value - that is, if you know your way around php.

  • Andras,

    Thank you so much for this awesome plugin. It is working but have a small issue.

    i changed the folder permissions as stated in the manual.

    However, when i click "smart files administration' in the left menu this happens:

    "The requested URL /mod/smartfiles/admin/menu.php was not found on this server."

    any idea?

  • @Amarok: thank you for your feedback. The message you recieved is a result of a known bug, and fortunately there is an easy fix. If you page back to the second page of the comments, you'll see that alysami discovered the same bug, and an additional one as well. Please read alysami's questions and my answers to resolve this issue.


  • The link to smartfiles's configuration is broken when you have the site in a folder (example, so I make a change in the function smartfiles_adminmenu() in start.php file for solve the problem. :)

    function smartfiles_adminmenu() {
            global $CONFIG;
            if (get_context() == 'admin' && isadminloggedin()) {
                add_submenu_item(elgg_echo('smartfiles:admin:title'), $CONFIG->wwwroot."mod/smartfiles/admin/menu.php");

  • this plugin is not working in elgg 1.7.8 and elgg 1.7.9

  • @ananda: Welcome to the Elgg Community. Please provide more detailed information on what do you mean by "not working". Do you see any error messages on screen? Do you see any errors in your server log file? What do you experience exactly? Have you read the manual, and did you go through the steps of properly configuring the plugin? Do you use a publicly available site, where I can see the error in question?

    Please refrain from general, non-specific messages like "not working", and try to help plugin authors by giving detailed description and steps to reproduce your problem. Thank you.

  • @Andras - I ran SmartFile thru my Elgg Version Checker ("BustItElggVers.php") and it seems that all your API calls are valid on vers 1.6.1, 1.7.8, 1.8b1 and so should work ok. Only thing I could see that seems broken is :-

        function smartfiles_adminmenu() {
            if (get_context() == 'admin' && isadminloggedin()) {

    Seems to be incomplete - but this could be a qruik on my XAMPP ;-)

  • And it does work OK on my XAMPP 1.7.8 ;-)

  • @Dhrup thanks for checking the api compatibility. I asked all those questions from ananda, cause i also have an 1.7.8 installation running Smart Files without any issues.

  • Andras, I am working with elgg 1.7.8 in the website

    For any reason the file upload & download works great, but I can't see the files (allways in processing state). Also the initial image does not created.

    So, I went to check this in and I have the same problem with the website... In other words, I can't reproduce the video website.

    Please let me know if you have the same problem.

    Thanks for all


  • @Daniel, I've sent you a PM with my contact details, please contact me on Skype so I can help you resolve this issue.

  • @everyone, the service seems to be down for the moment, at least as far as uploading new files. Older (perviously successfully uploaded) files seem to work though. What you experience is, when trying to upload a new file, the "Processing" message with the ajax loader icon will never stop, and the upload will not finish as expected.

    Thanks to Daniel for reporting this issue.

    I've contacted support about this, and will update you here with any news I can get my hands on. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • @everyone, the service is working again. It means that your newly uploaded files should have a proper preview from now on.

    One thing I noticed though, that seems to be a lot slower when processing documents than before. This is again submitted as a bug to support, but haven't received a reply yet. This should not effect the behavior of this plugin seriously - if a file embed does not render immediately, just wait a minute or so patiently, and the "processing" info should turn into your file embed soon.

  • Thanks Andras... I will check it in this days  

    Thanks for all

  • @Andras: I am having this same issue of not seeing the embedded files after uploading.Is there any way we can get this plugin to be hosted by our own sites to that we won't be depending on

  • @kxx4 I just checked again, and it is working perfectly (using Elgg 1.7.10, tested with a pdf and an eps file). It's true that service had regular distruptions, but it seems to be working fine now. Unfortunately, there is no way to host their service at your own site. I suggest whenever you experience any issues with the plugin, post a _detailed_ bug report here, on this forum, and I'll forward it to the service provider. They usually fix things within a couple of days.


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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