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Plugin that will create a custom vCard and QR code image with URL link to download your vCard.

by dr
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A first attempt and I need some help to further develop it, so please post your improvements.

The end goal is that a person can scan a QR code image with their mobile phone and are then directed to a website where they will download a vCard, populated with data from your profile which is saved to the phone's adress book (preferably Blackberry, Iphone, etc).

What this plugin currently does:

On the profile page it will create a link to a custom form which identifies the fields that can be entered in a .vcf - vCard file. The generate button will create 1) the vcard file and 2) a QR-code image (via Google Chart API) containing a link to http://yoururl.com/pg/businesscard/"owner_guid".

The plugin page_handler will identify the owner_guid and find the associated vcard file.Therefore from a normal webbrowser you can go to for instance /pg/businesscard/2 and you will be able to download the .vcf. However, I can't get it to download to my mobile phone (Blackberry 9000 bold), due to either header problems or some other weird phenomenon.

Please have a look at it and post any suggestions in order to improve the plugin.



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