Group Custom Layout v1.2 v1.2.3

Release Notes

This new release includes:

- Background image fixing

- Bookmark widget

Thanks @tunist! you are the best!

  • Nick I am getting the inside one looking great, the outside photo is rendering down below way down below. Any idea, man I love this is so going to be huge for me!

  • Nick in addition to the "files" widget, was there going to be a widget for group river? Ideally that would be great as a double wide margin down below, at least on option for it.

  • Looking great Nick, you are the man! Can we discuss getting the group river down below in a full width column? What do you think of that? Also files Nick files, and is there a mini file preview type icon window where you see the actuall pdf or whatever? You know how Window 7 does that, you can actually see some of the file in the icon...Groups is going to rock and roll soon!

  • i haven't got the files widget working yet.. i've been looking at integrating the update to change the paragraph text to have a coloured background - as in your example.. 

    the CSS you sent does work, but i was confused for a couple of hours because in chromium browser an extra paragraph tag pair is being added to each field and so there is an extra coloured bar appearing under each field.. i dug around in the code for a bit, looking for the cause and then realised it doesn't do it in firefox and other browsers.. 

    so it looks like this may be a bug with chromium; i'll raise that here and then maybe log a bug with the chromium developers. 

    being that there are a variety of different areas to colour in groups, it makes sense to redesign the coloring system for this custom group plugin so that there is just one colour wheel and a variety of selectable fields - one for each colourable page element. i'll look at that once the other issues are resolved.

    there is a plugin added here in the repository called 'smartfiles' which possibly will do what you are looking for with the previews etc.

  • I have just updated this plugin again, to include all the basic widgets and also to extend the colour customisation so that background images are more practical (text is readable)


  • Where do you go to drag the widgets

    I am not seeing an option on the tools admin page

  • I had a problem with the Group Files Widget - it didn't show any group files (it was looking for files with owner_guid=GROUPID and container_guid=GROUPID). Replacing

    $files = get_user_objects($group->guid, "file", $widget->file_count, 0);


    $files = $group->getObjects("file",$widget->file_count,0);

    in group_custom_layout/views/default/group_widgets/files/view.php
    fixed the problem for me. Another fix was the link to "More Files..." in the widget: there was an /owner/ missing:
    $users_file_url = $vars['url'] . "pg/file/" . page_owner_entity()->username;
    $users_file_url = $vars['url'] . "pg/file/owner/" . page_owner_entity()->username;
    in the same file.
  • Could you advise if this plugin is compatible to 1.8?


    • field name: featured_group
    • field value: yes

    how to modify this settings for all groups. bcoz this settings allows groups layout for only featured groups. could you please temme how should i set for all groups?



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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