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Release Notes

This new release has been provided by @tunist, Many thanks!! It includes the following updates: Background image issue and added support for a 2nd background image; as well as background positioning options and image previews. izap_videos thumbnail issue. group_custom_layout/group/css.php ammended: .group_widget,  #group_river_widget, #group_stats and have also set the statements to include '!important'..without these the colourisation wasn't making it to all the widgets.



  • ok, i'll take a look at the files issue soon. I'd also like to add a bookmark widget in there.


    from what i've seen of the code, i have no idea why your new groups are not registering the plugin but older ones are.. but i've not looked at more than about 25% (at a guess).

    i started working on elgg at 1.7.2 so don't have a 1.7 install to test on.. i also may have hacked the code in a non elgg way a little bit... which may be why there is an issue.

    perhaps you can upgrade to 1.7.4?

  • oh.. that was a reply to billy.

  • Tunist have been testing all morning, must be a conflict with Vazco_comments. I must have Vazco_comments as it runs a special public comments thread on my profiles (for business).

    I have treied reordering plugins and still this plugin breaks my profiles in one install and doesn't allow back ground pics in another. Both are 1.7.4 installs.


  • I cant say for sure it's related but I am stuck with a database error even after deleting and disabling many plugins.


    Unknown column 'a.parent_guid' in 'where clause'

    QUERY: SELECT count( as sum from elgg_annotations a WHERE a.parent_guid=9 and ( (1 = 1) and a.enabled='yes')

  • UPDATE: this version of the plugin has bugs..

    although the background feature did work for both me and billy at some point.. now it doesn't!! 

    I have zero idea why at present.. and am investigating.

  • The old here it is, now it's now routine! You will find a way! Thanks for the tip on Vazco comments that did the trick!

  • It worked for me when I filled in:

    field name: type
    field value: group


    ( instead of featured_group and yes)

    I can drag the fields in the layout screen ONLY when I have the two other option (image and color) enabled

  • thanks patrice, 

    i have the fields set to type and group too... but the background image feature is still not working for me at present.

    i'm also seeing the behaviour where the color and image have to be enabled before the dragging works, I'll look at that too.


  • Nick,

    How on earth was it we had the images working and now they dont at all? I cant wait to have this plug working in 1.7.4

  • I have now fixed the background image issue.. and also added the bookmark widget too.

    v.1.2.3 will be uploaded here soon. :)

  • @tunist Great!!!! If you send me the file I will upload the latest version with your credits. Many thanks for your effort and input! ;)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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