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I am no longer developing this, but the code is on code.duuit.com and you can post bugs or patches here for others as well.

  • Hey how did you get Ver. 1.8 of Elgg??? Please let me know I do not see it anywhere to download on here??

  • @soldierone 1.8 is nowhere near complete, the current svn of elgg is the closest thing to 1.8, I forked from svn a couple of months ago and have been using it but I wouldn't recomend it as its not complete and large pieces of it still dont work.  but if you want to mess with it just download the svn version of elgg.

  • I ve install it and only admin can add the content, bug? Could you check it out?


  • will you still develop new versions for newer ELGG's?

  • Hey, I m reporting again a problem, i can add a content only as admin, if i log as a regular user i don t have this menu.... i m using 1.7.1

  • @martinez: I use another news plugin, but it's the same there: only admins can write news. That's intended. Normal users could for example write blog posts instead.

  • Any widget to display latest news?

  • RSS seems not working also.

  • If only admin can write the posts, why then i see menu items like my news,  friends news, and everyone news?

  • Hi there

    New to Elgg .. currently evaluating if it's a close fit to our requirements .. one of which is means to create news articles, both admin and users (seems this plugin might not allow users?) .. with ability for admin to "promote new to homepage"..

    My questions really are the same as martinez above re: users creating news, latest news display etc ...

    Interested in anyones comments...

    Jen :-)


  • "users creating news": think of "blogs" instead of "news" and use the core blog plugin instead. This news plugin here is basically the same code as the blog plugin. It has the same functionality. The only major difference is that only admins can post news.

    If you want news called "news" instead of "blogs", you can replace the words "blog", "blogs" etc. in the language file of the blog plugin...

    "friends news": there could be more than one admin, i.e. admins could have friends who happen to be admins and might have posted news, too.

    I'm using the commercial vazco_mainpage plugin that is capable of displaying a "Latest news" widget on the index page. I don't know if the core custom_index plugin has a widget for "Latest blogs" included. If yes, you could use it as an example how to add a "Latest news" widget also.

  • in my comunity i want users submit news and post them after admin moderation. Is it possible to hack this module, or develope this optional feature in next release?

  • how can I show news (widget) on frontpage ?
    I had try but get errors and it will not work.

  • we need help to create a widget here, anyone is willing to help, or know alternative news module?

  • @martinez: this news plugin is based on the core blog plugin (basically the same code with the word "blog" replaced by "news" everywhere in the code). You can look at how the blog widget is implemented in Elgg core and just modify the code accordingly to add a news widget.


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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