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  • Hi Bill.. the elgg profile takes info from Facebook, and it is possible to unsync this action in the user settings so that an elgg profile can be created.  If someone registers the normal way, they can use Facebook to log in by including their facebook credentials (so I remember)

  • I have the key loaded but I see nothing in 1.7.4 so far. What is it we are looking for, something on profiles? Settings? I see nothing yet. 1.7.4 issue?

    My goal will be this is possible-

    1. allows profiles to link to a Facebook acct

    2. set their profile to allow my photo projects to upload to their FB acc

    3. allow FB comments API to run comments from the profile




  • Hi Bill.. You should see a facebook login bar in the login box if you do not have some sort of custom login box job.  And as long as you have created an App on the Facebook Developer site for your connect to connect to, all should work.

    As to posting stuff back to Facebook... this plugin does not do that... it is a log into ellg with facebook plugin, no more.

    You can unsync the Facebook account in the user settings... this enables the user to create a normal elgg profile and they can still log in with the Facebook button.

    If you want more, then it can be done but will require cash to develop it... it is certainly beyond me.

  • Thanks Mark! I think connecting Facebook in smart ways will be a great idea in the future. Well explained as well.

  • @Mark


    I'm with elgg 1.7.3
    I was up and running with the Plugin in 5 minutes. The longer it took was to get my facebook api and secret key.
    Absolutely Great !!!

    Just a few questions :

    Although Members get perfectly connected with FBconnect,

    • I never get their email or avatar : is it a Cron pb? I use Contrigger plugin. Do I have to change something in the mod/crontrigger/start.php file?  Croncheck says they all run (from minute to yearly)...
    • Is it possible to change the landing page after login (but not after logout) so that users are invited to fill in their email and nickname ? If so, where can I do that and how? I guess it's in mod/fbconnect/models. =>facebook.php and model.php . I noticed the $next parameter. But I don't know what to change (what code to replace with)... I'd like to land on /pg/settings/

    Could you help?

  • Well i just uploaded this mod, it allows me to connect with FB and creates a Profile but no ifo at all?? i run the cron job manually and it says 1 FB account synced but still no info at all on profile page?


    ANy ideas?



  • Hi, it's the only working facebook connect plugin for me. I am running elgg 1.7.8. It takes the status ok, but not the name and that one is very important. What can be the problem?

  • andrei,

    When I coded this it took the name from Facebook (and requested the username and email address as well).

    Facebook is continually changing (and often breaking) its API, so it may be that this no longer works.

    But it did when I coded it.

  • It takes the username as well, but in facebook format. If for example i facebook page is 

    http://www.facebook.com/andrei.nate then it's ok, but if it's http://www.facebook.com/id=43432432432 or something like that it only creates a facebook_that number account.


  • andrei - the plugin can only transfer a Facebook username if there is one.

    Creating usernames is optional in Faceboo, which is why the plugin creates the facebook_XXX accounts otherwise.

    Do you have another suggestion?

  • In one of my Elgg installations when someone creates a new elgg account the regular way, the user must first agree to the terms of use (a checkbox with a label "I have read and agree...").

    However when creating an account with Facebook connect, there is no similar possiblity to make sure that user has read the terms. This is why I'm using a piece of javascript, which views a box when user clicks the "Login with facebook"-button. The box contains a link to the terms (external pages) and buttons "I agree" and "Cancel".

    Some of the users find it annoying that they must click the "I agree" button every time they login with facebook. So how about adding a new feature to the plugin: a possibility to view the terms to the user for example after succesfully pulling the data from facebook but before actually creating the new account to elgg?

  • Version 1.7.7?

    1 - the problem with some users get the profile name, but other get the url profile with facebook_"fbid"

    How can i repair this? some help?

    2 - Its posible to make this plugin for post activity in facebook feeds just like "Mike is start using site_elgg" or "mike have a new comment on photo_elgg_site"

    PD: gook work Kevin ;)

  • I am having trouble getting this plugin to import facebook data. the only data it imports is name and location, however the location is home town, rather then current location. At this point i dont really want this app to import any other information other then the persons name, i would more like to use this application to make it easier for people to create an account with my site.

    is there anyway that i can make this applicating only import the persons name and no other data?


  • I am getting this error and I don't know how to fix it! Please Advise. 


    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

  • I was reading that with Elgg 1.7+ authors of plugins need to update their plugins to use security tokens... is there a way we can do that (As end users) or could the author please fix this... or are there people using 1.7+ that don't have this problem?


  • Thank you, Mark. I recommended.

  • @DavidSalib  This plugin should not cause token errors in 1.7.  You must have ome other problem perhaps?

    @mariano do you have cron operating?   Otherwise I have no idea... it works for me.

  • I put my api key and secret, but have the next error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class FacebookApiException in /home/mysite/public_html/mod/fbconnect/models/facebook.php on line 70

    any idea?

  • @Kevin, Is it possible to integrate the facebook login button onto my theme's login box. Can you please shed some light onto this as I have not used custom index. This plugin when enabled, has the login button displayed on the top left of the screen, but i need to reposition it to a plce of my choice, in my theme. Do i have to do it in the theme folder or te view folder of fbconnect ? Any ideas on this will be appreciated.



  • when i try logging in using fbconnect 1.7, my riverdashboard(landing page) link becomes domainname/#_=_   and i get the error message: "Error: cannot log you in. Please contact administrator or try again later"

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