Release Notes

(version 2.4.8)

  • Update your views_counter plugin to the version 1.9.3
  • Update your rate_entities plugin to the version 2.3.4
  • Bug correction: Forum access control for not loggedin users corrected
  • Bug correction: All sessions link introduced in the bread crumbs for all posts and forums

(version 2.4.6)

  • Update your views_counter plugin to the version 1.9.3
  • Bug correction: Old views counter function removed from post full view
  • Bug correction: Users that belongs to the groups able to moderate forum now can edit and delete posts inside that forum
  • Bug correction: Query error when You use the forum plugin in a elgg installation without had create the metastring "important_topic" and "yes" (before create a important topic)
  • Bug correction: Removed important topic title from the forum full view when there is no important topic
  • Bug correction: While listing comments for topics, all comments were being displayed instead of the comments of that topic
  • Now It is possible to edit some topic information while listing them: edit, delete, close, stick and important
  • Pictures will be displayed for represent some topic information: closed, sticky, important, updated and new comment

(version 2.2.2)

  • Bug correction: The views counter system was removed from the forum plugn and now It has to be used through the views_counter plugin
  • Bug correction: The forum plugin now is compatible with the groups discussions system
  • List post by most viewed if the plugin views_counter is enabled and configured in the forum plugin settings
  • List posts by better rate average if the plugin rate_entites is enabled and configured in the forum plugin settings

(version 2.0.0)

  •  The function forum_page_handler was renamed to forums_page_handler because of the plugin elgg groups have one function with the same name in elgg 1.7.6
  • The forum_gatekeeper() function now foward the user the main page instead to use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
  • Provide a new layout where there will be only one column and the forum will fill It
  • To display information about the comments for topics
  • Bug into link "view_all_forums" that foward the user to "pg/forums/manage" was corrected
  • Important topics status

(version 1.3.2)

  • Critical bug solved. Now the other plugin will not get this error: "Unable to save new object's base entity information!", While save new entities to the database

(version 1.3.1)

  • Another version of forum plugin compatible with elgg 1.5 was released

(version 1.21)

  • Now subforums don't will be displayed in manage subforums listing page
  • Views counter for posts and forums
  • It possible to add a rating system by configuration of the plugins settings (tested on rate_entities plugin 1.45)

(version 1.0.0)

  • Multiple forum and subforums creation
  • Posts creation
  • Comments for posts
  • Posts counter for forums and subforums
  • Comments counter for posts, forums and subforums
  • Views counter for posts
  • 3 Types of access: visualizating access, posting access and moderating access
  • Provides information on river (New posts and forums; Update posts and forums)
  • Do not forget of recommend It :)

  • No more working on new functionality, but if You can find some bug let me know and I will fix It.

    When I come back to work in new functionality to the forum plugin It will be the version 3.0 and It must to have some big updates like It happened from version 1.32 to 2.0.0


  • Hi Thanks For bug fix access is fixed and bread crumbs are also looking good.

    One more question how can I show recent updated 5 topics on home page??

  • Please add a tinymce insteady simple comment box , if some one need to add any link , pic , url or video in thread then it is not possible in simple comment box.

    one more thing I tried to past some list in comments but is is not posted as a list it is shown in a single line.

    Is that possible to show add comment box after all posts I mean at the bottom (end ) of comments.

    Below are some screen shots pic 1and 2 are ok but in third pic list is not shown and please add tinymce to attach some pics etc.




  • Thanks for this new version

    A few questions, bug reports and requests.

    Bug 1 - When you are creating a post and using the functionality like underlining some text.  It appears in tinyMCE but disappears from the text when you post it

    Bug 2 - TinyMCE is used for creating posts and editing posts but not for comments that users leave on posts.  This is clearly inconsistent.

    Bug 3 - When somebody comments on a thread you create.  The Background colour of the box the comment is in is not the same as the background colour of the original comment that was made to create the thread.

    Bug 4 - When people post comments you see comething like 'Created 9 days agoby Jason'.   There should be a space between 'ago' and 'by'

    Question 1 - To move the comments people have posted above the comment box and 'send' button.  What file do I need to edit?

    Question 2 - To move the 'new topic' button to the bottom of the page, what file do I need to edit?

    Request - can you make it an option in the admin settings whether the comments appear above or below the comment box?  Most people want the comment that created the thread and the replies to that comment to sit together and not to be separate on the page.

    Request - Can you make the page layout look more like the group discussion in elgg core.  For example when you see a comment, you see both the name and an icon of the user that left the comment and you can click on the item to see extra functionality (friend them, send them a message)

  • @lumiere

    Very good feedback, I will consider It this weekend.

  • @ghumanz

    I liked the "modification" that You said in the forum plugin :)
    I am thinking in create a customization system for admins change background-color, text color and another basic CSS configuration just setting the plugin settings, but only in the Version 3.0 :) or maybe premade themes selection.

    For list comments anywhere just use the function list_comments(ENTITY_GUID) passing the guid of the forum as parameter. But now I realize that unfortunately I made this function in a bad way and there is not a easy way for change the quantity of comments that will be returned. I will upgrade this function in the version 3.0

  • could be cool to be able to import from phpBB 3.0.x

  • So how do I make the changes for the location of the comment box and 'new thread' buttons in this version?

  • Great Plug- Is it possible if someone commented on a certain topic, the comment message will also displayed in the latest activity?

  • @ Desiron any updates ??????? I think you are working on above suggestions ???

  • I like the plug-in.

    but a question, is there a way that you can make the forum appear in the front of the side or main index? 


  • great mod,

    Could you include some widgets with latest posts, topics and comments?

  • Still testing this mod. Few comments:

    When I answer to any topic the comments are listed bellow my current answer box, it s confiusing, how can i move them to the top? 

    Other thing is that the replies (comments) are not posted to the river...

    Could you fix it?

  • you can flip the order its quotes in the file or see previous release to get answer :) hows it going with this still keen to see it developed ?

  • found it in forum/post_view.php

    What about posting comments to the river?

  • Hi,

    Can non-admin create a session?


  • Please reply here we are waiting for your reply.

  • Great plugin. Good work, I mean it! But one thing, as for me is missing and hurts me?

    Comments body on the riverdashboard - or at least info that the comment was posted. Any chance to add this functionality or a tip how-to?

    Best regards!

  • Huh, now that's funny. I have forum plugin ver. 2.4.8 (elgg 1.7.7)

    -I have groups plugin disabled. (no groups)

    -Forum access settings checked only to logged users - that's what I want

    And after posting above I've noticed that any NOT !logged user  can view post and forum topics freely! Is the 2.4.8 supposed to fix it? What is more: I took forum.php from v2.4.6 - and voila - magic.. "Acces error popup displays" and everything works just fine.

    Any suggestions?

  • Bug?

    When the forum is install, it conflicts on my elgg-1.7.8 with the "latest posts" widget when it is activated in the member profiles.


    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')) AND ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes') ORDER BY e.time_created desc LIMIT 0, 10' at line 1

    QUERY: SELECT DISTINCT e.* FROM sf_entities e WHERE ((e.type = 'object' AND e.subtype IN (15))) AND (e.site_guid IN (1)) AND (e.container_guid IN ()) AND ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes') ORDER BY e.time_created desc LIMIT 0, 10

    Sometimes it even seems to destroy the member profile.

  • Sorry for being off for so long, but It ends now :)

    Just came back to work on my plugins today and hope to have them updated to latest version of elgg soon!

    First of them, my beloved forum plugin.

    (and, WOW Elgg looks great now!)

  • @Desiron: thanx for that plugin!

    @all: if still anyone has the requirement "comments with tinymce"

    in my environment (elgg 1.7.11 and forum 2.4.8) - it was just a little fix to enable it:

    remove the line
    $longtext = (is_plugin_enabled('tinymce')) ? ('post/forms/longtext_without_tinymce') : ('input/longtext');
    and just always call the 'input/longtext' view
    $form_body .= elgg_view('input/longtext',array('internalname'=>'comment_text', 'internalid'=>'c','value'=>$text_value));



  • Hi, the plugin simply rules! Now, there is a way to set up permissions on the fly in a forum? Lets say i created a forum and after that, i want another user to moderate it; something like set_user_moderate($forum_guid,$user_guid)



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