Release Notes

  • The function forum_page_handler was renamed to forums_page_handler because of the plugin elgg groups have one function with the same name in elgg 1.7.6
  • The forum_gatekeeper() function now foward the user the main page instead to use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
  • A new layout one column that should be more beautiful, but maybe not because I am not a designer... hehe
  • To display information about the comments for topics (It was a bug, I forgot to uncomment the code...)
  • Bug into link "view_all_forums" that foward the user to "pg/forum/manage" was corrected
  • Important topics status<br />

Knowed bugs:

  • The forum plugin is not compatible with the elgg discussions groups because the both of them use the same word for activate the forum_page_handler. I will solve It in the next version.

Obs:  I am sorry for not provide all updates that I wrote but I think that It would be better to accomplish release date that I said.

Uses rate entities plugin 2.0.3!


If You use and like this plugin please reccomend It.

  • I hade to make some css changes "margins where off"  and they ROCK instead of background colour for topics "yellow" I have built an image for the background with divesion lines .

    Quote post !

    at the right hand side of the sessions you should have the ability to upload pictures forum icons "so to speak "

    if you create a main forum you should be able to go backwards to all forums .

    Thumbnails , ability for the user to upload thumbnails to there thread , for example I have a gallery , it would be nice if it showed thumbnails of the images in the gallery thread .

  • REALLY nice man! Been hoping for a forum like this for ages


    HOPE you will fix the group bug ... and that it will work for 1.7.1

    thanks, really!

  • oh and yea, can't make more than 2 sessions :(

  • @Chrisstoffer

    I will solve the problem with the plugin groups in the next version.
    For sure It is possible to make more than 2 sessions, I think You are making subforums and searching in the wrong place...

  • The new version of forum plugin is almost done..
    In the next week It will be released:

    • Bug with groups plugin solved
    • Views counting system removed from forum and now requires the plugin views_counter or compatible, but I think views_counter is better... I don't know why... :)
    • Order topics by number of views using the functionality provided by the views counting system
    • Order topics by rate averate using the functionality provided by some rating system plugin... (I recommend the rate_entities)
    • ...Thinking about more...
  • Can someone recommend the forum plugin please?

  • if you set the order of topics according to lastest updates not only views then everybody found recently update topics on top of other accept only viewable topics on top without any new update. Do one thing more add some animated icon in front of every topic if top is updated ffrom specific time then it show animation like runing strips or floating flag, and if topic is closed or not updated from some spcefic period of time then it show icon without animation which will look very nice and everybody will found that topic is old one and not updated from long time.

  • Below is the example of some existing forum types:- And one more thing add some functionality to fix the order of some specific topic by admin which show on top even that was not updated from a long period of time.




I have been developing plugins and extensions for elgg since 2009 February. Currently I am acting in some plugins development, fixing/upgrading some elgg plugins that are not being continued and modifying or extending the Elgg Framework itself.


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 8855
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