Release Notes

  • The function forum_page_handler was renamed to forums_page_handler because of the plugin elgg groups have one function with the same name in elgg 1.7.6
  • The forum_gatekeeper() function now foward the user the main page instead to use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
  • A new layout one column that should be more beautiful, but maybe not because I am not a designer... hehe
  • To display information about the comments for topics (It was a bug, I forgot to uncomment the code...)
  • Bug into link "view_all_forums" that foward the user to "pg/forum/manage" was corrected
  • Important topics status<br />

Knowed bugs:

  • The forum plugin is not compatible with the elgg discussions groups because the both of them use the same word for activate the forum_page_handler. I will solve It in the next version.

Obs:  I am sorry for not provide all updates that I wrote but I think that It would be better to accomplish release date that I said.

Uses rate entities plugin 2.0.3!


If You use and like this plugin please reccomend It.

  • Almost perfect sir, the problem with this forum plug-in is, if the user commented on a certain topic, the user or any of the users cannot determine from to whom the comment message belong? :)

  • ... It is Desiron (the provider of this plugin hehe)

    It is displaying the owner of the comment now, I solved It because You said in the old version :)

    I was banned from the elgg community because I was sending messages about the forum plugin for the "interested" users very fast...

    I will ask to the admins for solve my problem :(

  • booo UNBAN him . will try this out today !

  • I searched in the community for some "official" place to solve this problem, but I was not able to find It. Can someone help me?

    Anyway I sent an email to hehe

  • @Team Webgalli

    I searched in elgg community, Is He this user: Breet Ware?
    Anyway I already sent a message to him.


  • maybe I am doing something wrong but when I create a second forum for example I have Main Forum .... I want underneath it not a sub forum but another forum with its title and sub forums ,but I cannot see it when i goto topbar forums . only the main forum shows ? 

    this meant to do that or I have done something wrong ?

  • edit it just me being stupid , when it adds the forum to the topbar it adds the forum created not forum all . maybe something to fix , it makes more sense to direct the user to the all forums

  • Yes, I think I should change or put some explanation about It.

    It works like this:

    If You define one main forum then the topbar menu will direct You to It and If there is no forum then the topbar menu will direct You to all forums.

    What do You think?

  • @Team Webgalli

    Thanks a lot :)

    I sent a message to him right now.

    Now I will send only one message per minute :)

  • if you dont have a main forum the topbar does not work just comes up no main forum! also if you create a main forum and have a new forum underneath there is no way to get back to the forum/all .

    where is the content so i can change the topbar location to all ?

  • Look for this part of the code:

        function forum_pagesetup() {
            global $CONFIG;

            if (get_forums()) {
                if (!get_main_forum_guid()) {
                } else {

    And change for this:
       function forum_pagesetup() {
            global $CONFIG;

            if (get_forums()) {


  • But I think that the concept is correct...

    Because If You have a main forum, You want that the users go to the main forum but If You don't have main forum then the user can see all forums (The warning about no forum is because You don't have any another forums created)

    The Idea is that the admin can create several forums and use the links for the forums wherever He wants but if He sets the main forum then the topbar menu will direct the users for It

  • Hello, a'm using 1.7.1

    When a write various sessions in one topic, desconfiguredthe screen.

    The fist session is good, the next go to the right, the nexto more right, and more and more.

    in the previous pluging haven't got this problem, only in the new.

    sorry for my english.


  • the concept is correct , but it would be more beneficial if the sub categories displayed underneath the main forum title header , there is also some css issue when you have menubuilder plug-in installed . 

  • it took a few minutes to figure out the differences between creating a forum and a sub-forum, but once i got that figured out, it was pretty easy to setup and use.

    by not setting a main forum, the layout is perfect for our needs.. a single link in the top bar leading to a list of forums.. that's what my members expect to see, and that's what they will get with this setup. Very nice!

    Thanks again Jose.. You Rock!!

  • """""""""Also, if you want the add a comment to be put below ALL replies (instead of just below the first one, and have all the comments below that)... do this:

    Open views\default\post\full_view.php and find:

        // Displaying the comment form
            // This input may be setted up into the post_page_handler when the user is editing some comment
            if($comment_id = get_input('comment_id'))
                $comment = get_annotation($comment_id);

            echo '<br />';
            echo elgg_view('post/forms/comment',array('post'=>$vars['entity'],'comment'=>$comment));


    Move that code right above:



    Save the file and now all comments are above the reply box (instead of below it, like normal).""""""


    from earlier version , I want to be able to do the same it looks silly with comments underneath main post and reply , where has this been moved to ?

  • It is in the file that control the page for full view of a post: forum/post_view.php

    Just change the order of the code, It is all commented.


  • @Team Webgalli

    thanks for the help

  • BIG BUG : > I had everything working ok , but for some reason it kills my group discussions , this is a bad thing , what if anything am I doing wrong ? 



  • this is the problem ?



    Change it to:



    Then find:

    function forum_page_handler($page)

    Change it to:

    function new_forum_page_handler($page)

  • didn't work when I goto group discussion i get this This URL not exists and it take me to the forums all page

  • Knowed bugs:

    • The forum plugin is not compatible with the elgg discussions groups because the both of them use the same word for activate the forum_page_handler. I will solve It in the next version.
    should read first then comment . soz , 
  • I will solve this problem in the next update :)

    And I need some ideas for the next version.


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