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1.31 -> 1.32 Critical bug solved. The permissions handler function was not allowing the creation of any another entity for non-admin users.

  • thanks for addressing that issue - much appreciated!

    i'll download this version and give it a try.

  • Okay, this one does not work either :( Don't know what to do it gives me the same exact thing. Direct me to the ELGG wiki and disables itself. Please help?

  • @wesley
    I can not understand how to reproduce the error. Does It happens when you do what?

  • Well, the error here is that when I get it into the plugins and try to activate it, it disables itself and tells me that my answer to the problem lies in the wiki for elgg. I am not sure how else to describe it.


    It won't even let me get to it, due to the fact that it disables itself.

  • It also states that it is a misconfigured plugin.

  • This works near-perfectly in a slightly-modified elgg 1.7.5! Thank you so much, this is EXACTLY what I need.


    There is one bug. To fix it and make this plugin load and work, go in to start.php.



    Change it to:



    Then find:

    function forum_page_handler($page)

    Change it to:

    function new_forum_page_handler($page)


    There! All done, it should work perfectly fine now.


    I am not sure if the problem is because of the latest 1.7.5 or because I am using a seperate forums mod for the groups (threaded forums). But, if you encounter a problem with start.php, the above instructions are how to fix it.


    Also, if you want the add a comment to be put below ALL replies (instead of just below the first one, and have all the comments below that)... do this:

    Open views\default\post\full_view.php and find:

        // Displaying the comment form
            // This input may be setted up into the post_page_handler when the user is editing some comment
            if($comment_id = get_input('comment_id'))
                $comment = get_annotation($comment_id);

            echo '<br />';
            echo elgg_view('post/forms/comment',array('post'=>$vars['entity'],'comment'=>$comment));


    Move that code right above:



    Save the file and now all comments are above the reply box (instead of below it, like normal).

  • @wesley

    This error is because You don't have the start.php into your plugin main directory... but of course my plugin have It.

    I don't know what are you doing wrong but I think you should see if you are installing the plugin correctly.

  • @Untamed

    Thanks for post the solution for this problem. I did not test of this plugin on elgg 1.7.5 and probaly what is happening is that the elgg or some plugin has declared one function with the same name...

    The next version will be compatible with elgg 1.7.5 and I will solve this bug


  • @Desiron, i have installed the forum for elgg 1.7.4, it is fine untill i started posting forums, I created a forum and set the permissions to view for public (unloggedin users).

    But when I click on the forum (I am not logged in) it shows message "You have no access to 'forum name'". Why is it so? How can I make a forum to be viewable to unlogedin users?


  • WARNING! Major bug found.

    If a user tries to log out while viewing the forums, they will get an error that states that they are in a redirecting loop.

    This happens because the forums tell the user they can't access the forum [if they are logged out], and then they go back to the forum page.


    To fix this, find this function:

        function forum_gatekeeper($forum_guid,$user_guid)


    In that function, find:



    Replace with:



    All fixed. It will now redirect to the main page instead of continuously to the forum page upon logging out while viewing the forums.

  • How do I get rid of the left side bar?

    Once you have created your forum structure and no longer need 'new forum' It serves no purpose other than to provide links that give errors like :

    - Subscribe to RSS feed

    - View all forums (when logged in as admin only)

    I would like to forum to occupy the full width

  • BTW if I can't get rid of the sidebar I would at least like to move the create forum, create subform and create new thread actions to the sidebar

    This is more in keeping with how the rest of elgg operates in terms of interfaces.

    BTW I fixed the 'view all forums' broken link by changing its URL link to forums/all instead of forums/manage which does not seem to exist

  • Ok so I have moved the forum / sub forum and thread creation things to the side bar on the first few screens.

    However where is the form layout defined for when you enter a forum like say the top level forum and hit the 'new comment / create thread' button. 

    I see the create thread form and an empty sidebar.  In which file is this form defined?

  • Hi Desiron its me again ive tested your forum plug-in almost perfect  but whenever someone will gonna comment on the posted topic, how will the users know who commented on the posted topic.? as you noticed whenever someone will post a comment they will not know who commented on certain topic because it does't display a user or an avatar photo who posted that comment

    looking forward on the updates here thanks and nice plug-in :)

  • Hi,

    With this pluggin you can give groups rights to see a subforum or not.
    But if you choose that group 'test 1' cant see the subforum, you still see it in the overview list of all forums/subforums.

    Is it possible that when your not aloud to see a topic or subforum, that the end user does not see the topic either. 

    I think its friendly'r  if the end uses does not know what topic hey can't join then showing a topic and saying: you don't have the rights to join.

    Meby somthing like:

    if (isadminloggedin()) {

    ... new group link code ...




    but then not for admin but a specific group?

    Love this plugin btw



  • works elggcellent in 1.75 and I did have to tweak new_forum as mentioned above other wise it errors . need to correct some css , is there away to implement quote / reply ?

  • Any way to implement tinyMCE for when people are commenting and replying in threads?

    I have noticed that it ignores paragraphs and seems to bunch multiple paragraphs together into 1 paragraph when people reply.  Perhaps using tinyMCE could solve this?

    Also, to bring the layout in line with how forums work perhaps the comment box should appear at the bottom of the page and not between the first post in a thread and the replies in the thread.

    Finally, when people reply, it says how many mintues ago the reply was posted but not who posted the reply.

  • BTW thanks to Untamed for the comments about on how to move the reply box to the end of the comments section.

    Can anyone give me a tip on how to display the name of the person who posted a reply and not just the time of the reply which is what is currently showing?

  • Actually, come to think of it, it would make sense if, when you were viewing a thread in the forum, if it looked the same as the layout of a group dicsussion for the sake of consistency.

    User icon of the person who made the comment showing on the left, the time of the post to the right of that and then a large column to the right of that showing the content of the post and the title of the post showing at the top.

  • Featurerequest: Quoting like some forums has. Would be awesome!

  • Hi,

    I am sorry for delay too much to reply You all. I am working on It right now...

    I think in one week I will provide a very good new version of the forum plugin.

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion :)

    That is the list of updates that I am working on:
    (You may suggest new ones)

         * 1 - The function forum_page_handler was renamed to forums_page_handler because of the plugin elgg groups have one function with the same name in elgg 1.7.6
         * 2 - The forum_gatekeeper() function now foward the user the main page instead to use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
         * 3 - Move the buttons "create new forum" and "create topic" to the left sidebar like the elgg plugins commonly works
         * 4 - Provide a new layout where there will be only one column and the forum will fill It
         * 5 - To display information about the comments for topics
         * 6 - Bug into link "view_all_forums" that foward the user to "pg/forum/manage" was corrected
         * 7 - The groups now can use the forum made by the forum plugin instead the basic forum system provided by groups plugin
         * 8 - A new entity that is a set of  forum and topics like sessions
         * 9 - Topic solved and important topic status
         * 10 - Using statistic of forum plugin

  • I've elgg 1.61... when it will be compatible with this version? 

  • I am upgrading It using Elgg 1.7.6 so It will be compatible with Elgg 1.7.6, but maybe if there is no big problems with another versions I may provide It compatible with others elgg versions.

  • Hi Desiron, thanks for this great job! do you know the ETA for the next release? 


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