Entity Browser v1.1.0

Release Notes

Version 1.1.0, released 20th November, 2010

  • Added sorting and filtering for all properties (including title, description, username, etc)
  • Added "ban" and "unban" bulk actions for users
  • Fixed non-working links for Elgg sites that are installed in a subdirectory (like http://yourdomain.com/site/)
  • Phillip asked:

    "When you have grapped the "interests" metadata, is it difficult to create a copy function to the (or any) plugin?
    Copy members to other groups must be of very general need and will for sure boost the usage of your plugin."

    Yes, it is quite difficult. Copy-Paste functionality for entities, especially in a cross-plugin compatible way is not an easy thing, and is far beyond the scope of this plugin. This feature, if ever, should be considered at Elgg Core level first.

    I absolutely understand that you need this functionality, but this plugin is aimed at something different. Your request is a bit like asking the guys at a car wash to replace your automatic transmission with manual. Your best bet is to go to the tech forum and place your original question there.

  • My original post is now mooved here:

    Is it possible to for the admin to:
    *Search among registered members by their Interests,
    *Grap these together and
    *Add them to a newly registered Group?

    If so it'll need Grapping the users identifiers from metadata and add these to the Group UI OR
           it'll be possible to upload a list of well-known members to the Group-ID ( no registration).

    If not - any idea forward or other plugins that can do this?

    The tech forum will probably add such facility in ver 1.8. But thanks for your reply anyway!

  • @Phillip - I believe this auto-group membership has been done before ;) If you'd like to post in a different, more general group (hackers elggalaxy?) - I will be able to address requirements and issues in such a forum.

  • @Dhrup2000 - DONE - it is send to the "the tech forum" and the "hackers elggalaxy",with reference to the "Entity browser".

  • @Cim: I'm glad you liked it! Stay tuned to this page, I'm planning to upgrade this plugin regularly with new features. Next planned features:

    • display entity relationships
    • display annotations
    • allow creation of entities
    • export selected entities in opendd format
    • export selected entities in MS Excel format

    @Everyone: you can make this plugin better by voting on requested features and giving me suggestions on how the UI should be changed to accommodate all new features. Unfortunately, I can't give you a roadmap for releases, but I'll try to do my best and I promise to keep the plugin up-to-date with all new Elgg releases.


  • @Andras: i was just playing with some river customisations and noticed that the entity browser doesn't include a listing of river entries.. any chance of that being added in a newer version?

    thanks for the plugin anyhow 

  • @tunist: good one, I'll add that to the list of planned features.

  • Awesome plugin, gratz.


    I've reccomended this, have a nice day and thanks to share this

  • @Germanaz0, @gushbellino: Thank you guys! Unfortunatelly haven't had the time recently to incorporate the promised new features. But I do hope I'll be able to work on this again, soon.

  • Great pluing.

    What a elgg developer ever dream about! :P

    I have stoped calling the export entities view.


  • Wonderful thank-you!  I needed this.

  • pump. tried it on a while ago. i just remembered, that i need not tweak very much code to get it running. -> would love to see a offical 1.8 version.

    or i'll do it on my own :P
    no seriously.. i can wait.. but are there any plans?

    btw: great plugin - should be in core developers plugin. recommended.

  • @13net: Thanks for the feedback and recommendation! Unfortunately I've fell behind with upgrading my plugins to Elgg 1.8. Currently I'm working on the Generate Users plugin, but can only do it in small steps due to lack of time. Next plugin will be this one, the Entity Browser. However I can't give you an estimate for that, sorry.

    If you're interested in contributing, all my GPL plugins are available at https://github.com/szepeshazi . Pull requests are welcome, and also you'll get early access to the code. I tend to fiddle quite a lot with documentation and final polishing before actually releasing the plugin, so  you might have a working version on github weeks before the official release.

  • @andras: dont let me stress you. take the time you need.

    i will definitely take a closer look on your github repos - i am just migrating from svn to git.. so i am very new to it.

    keep up the great work. much respect.

  • Hi, This is not working in Elgg 1.8. could u help me


  • Have you planed to develop a version compatible with elgg 1.8 ?

  • @Adrien Fabre I don't think I'll update the plugin. Ismayil has a very nice 1.8 compatible plugin with similar functionality called hypeDBExplorer, I suggest to go with that one.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1884
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