izap-ecommerce 1.1b for elgg 1.7x v1.0

  • LOLZ - I've been waiting for something like this since early last year when I (so believe.. AFAIK..) coded the first-ever Elgg based PayPal, Authorize.Net Payment Gateway for a client. Now I can rest knowing that there are others brilliant with Elgg and etc... I can rest... ;-P

    This one should become most likely one of the most popular Elgg PlugIns ever !

    I take my hats off to the IZAP Team and to Tarun ;-)

  • Thanks Dhrup, i am waiting for your better feedback.

  • @iZap
    Could you post some notes to explain the "Edit store settings" in some detail, thanks ;-)
    I think it will be helpfull to those not familiar from a progrmming point-of-view..
    I'm starting to do some testing and playing around with this one ;-)

  • There is one thing that is sort of related to this PLUGIN and I know what I am talking about because thanks to Payloadz.com and another site that lets you Sell Digital Downloads...

    I think there should be Integration with Alertpay and Google Checkout.


    There is a LOT of PAYPal Fraud going on. I know this for a FACT. People will buy a digital product then they will file a false claim even after they recieve the product and take that money right back. I have proof to share since I have been helping PayPal during several Fraud investigations dealing with Payloadz.com.

    So if it is possible to integrate Alertpay or Google Checkout that would be a huge plus.

  • @DhrupDeScoop I am waiting to see your response on this since you claim to have created the FIRST Ever Elgg PayPal plugin.


  • I'm looking forward to 1000's of downloads on this particular Plugin - because the only prior pligins related to eCommerce have been "commercial" plugins costing $100's ;-( I am looking over and reviewing the code and the functionality of this new PlugIn.. So far it meets my approvals. BTW - I am not looking to actually using this on any one of my ~30 live Elgg websites.. ;-) I am merely academically koorious ;-)

  • @Dhrup: We are really concerned to quality coding standards. And one more thing, this is not some thing like "We created a plugin for our client and than released for the community". This is dedicated built for the community. As i said, it is depend on "izap-elgg-bridge" which we do not release in open source. So definitely would going to have high standards.

    Thanks for all your efforts. I will release all guides soon. But really looking for suggestion from all of you.


    Sure we are already working to add more supportive payment gateways. Thanks

  • EMail me if you wanna discuss more details..

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  • @ Dhrup

    Asato ma sat gamaya
    Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
    Mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

    - Brhadaranyaka Upanishad

    I call it the metaphysical ATM. Regards.

  • @Izap That will be great I want to give more info about this somewhere else.

  • i have downloaded both plugins. i will try to use them but actually i couldn't understand their main functions.

    could you explain more about that plugin??


  • @wael: you can sell you digital products via paypal. It has lot's of features. Here i also launched a contest. First best 30 feedbacks would also get "izap-autocomplete-tags" plugin. That is also available on pluginLotto.com


  • The Plugins work on Version 1.5.1 if anyone wants to know. I did not install this on 1.7.3 but I am sure it works.

  • @soldieron: Great, Thanks to test it on 1.5.  Well, it also supports 1.6.x even. But we didn't mentioned because, testing was not completed from our end. Because it was developed on elgg 1.7.3 platform. That's why we released it and mentioned it to work for 1.7.3 only.


  • This is similar to Elgg commerce or whatever that one was? I have a project in mind for this eventually.


  • Amazing, No one skilled enough in this community who could grab our offer of  "izap-autocomplete-tags". Or you guys are not taking it seriously ;)

  • hanji ;-) koyi nahin hai kucch hoshiyaar - faidah utthah nahin sakh tere offer ke liye ? heh hehh...

  • hahahah :) But i guess you can ;) 

  • I am having a problem. I have both of the plugins installed on my Elgg 1.7.1, installed on WAMP, Win7. Whenever I try to view a product, I get the following error:

    iShouvik Product


    iShouvik Product Description

    Tags: ishouvik, product
    Edit / Delete

    Parse error: parse error in E:\Installation\wamp\www\elgg\mod\izap-ecommerce\views\default\izap-ecommerce\views\product\buy.php on line 79

  • ya DHRUP, you must go for it... :) .. I think you know all the languages or its just google translate .. LOLZ

  • @invisible lolz ;-P i actually do know 4 languages ;) english (obvious), hindi(my mother lang), fijian (where i grew up as a kid), bahasa indonesian (had a malay g/f  once) .... not counting all the programming languages hehhh -- all the others i use google for ;-O

    anyways it is good to see you back here on the community.. seems you were gone away for a long time.

    @shouvik the error is several lines earlier - look for a short php tag - your php.ini must be disallowing that - either fix php.ini or fix the short tag to a proper long tag ;-)

  • Thanks, Dhrup, I will check that out!


    By the way, you know Sanskrit! Wow! This language always haunted me for two years ...!

  • @Dhrup.. you are awesome man.. Me too actually know 4 languages English, Punjabi, Hindi, Nepali, and i little of Sanskrit too.. Oh ya.. As my name suggests (invisible) I vanish, often.. ;)


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