Supergroups vAlpha

Release Notes

his is an Alpha version and it works on ELGG 1.7+

This is a modified version of the Groups Plug In and provides the ability to clone groups

To Install:

Back up your group mod and replace it with this plug in


Go to Admin Tools and Use The Settings to Create Multiple Group Types

Again, this is an ALPHA version. This is not a final release. It is Not a Beta and it is not a Release Candidate.


create url slugs for multiple word supertypes

create a language structure that can work with this plug in: Currently there is no real language support, just a few hacks that sometimes are quirky because one size does not fit all.

  • @zakary do you not come in trouble with coming elgg updates, if you replace the original group plugin with your modified plugin?

  • No, an update would be a newer version of the plugin, and Elgg will keep people informed

  • never mind, i see what you mean, but as i stated this is an alpha plugin. it is for testing purposes. However, as this is functionality that I myself am using, I will be updating it as necessary. 

    Second, this plugin can be replaced back with the original group plugin at any time and all supertypes would then be just groups. 


  • Hi Zak, this is an exciting development, many thanks for making it available to us.  I am really looking forwars to having a go with it when I get a moment in the next few days.  I am nodeveloper, but happy to beta test it a bit for you.  Cheers, Mark

  • Could someone, Mark maybe please explain why someone would clone a group.

    Does this mean the layout of the group, the members? What are you cloning and why would you be doing this.

    Thanks in advance,


  • @TB

    ;-) I think you're out of touch... look up the several other topics on Groups cloning to see what quite a few people are looking to achieve with 'cloning' the Groups PlugIn... then you will understandz.

  • @TB, the ability to create "clones" allows for an additional set of options. I have this plug in on a live site at EVUAS COMMUNITY. On this site we wanted to have two group sections, one for direct support for EVUAS, which is a start up of hobby UAVS, and then a generic groups section, which would allow for community members to participate in a UAV and Robotics community in any fashion they would like. 

    So in this case, using this plug in, we were able to create EVUAS Support, for creation of groups directly related to EVUAS and its products. 


  • I have discovered such type of plugin 2 months before to clone the group plugin but I couldn't find it. Finally I have to create my own plugin named classroom which is the clone of Groups for elgg1.6.1. 

    Thanks for your work.

  • @ Zakary "the ability to create "clones" allows for an additional set of options."

    So you are suggesting you have one "type" of group with specific functions and another "type" of group with another set of functions? In my system, the group space is being built for second party companies to manage their product lines.  Are you saying if I wanted another type of group, say as general forum discussions like these, then I would setup another distinct group style?

    I am using Vazco gorup widgets so my groups already are custom. I need to better understand an example to see the value.

  • I haven't gotten to the point where styles are being addressed. At this point this is so you can simply have different types of groups as opposed to just groups. you get to state what those are. For example, if you had a site for pet owners, instead of just groups, you could have dogs, cats, etc and this will help organize the groups into section types. This doesn't make the groups, rather the sections. This has nothing to do with widgets.

    For a live example go to Here it is being used to create a section called EVUAS Support and Groups. 

    My next update will address the need of having customizable language files. At some point the concept of creating unique styles and layouts can be addressed as well.


  • @Zakary,  I installed the plugin on my test site, and this certainly addresses my general group category needs, and I can see that this is pretty ground breaking stuff for many of us Group orientated folk.  It would be great to have, in the fullness of time:

    a way to put "unassigned"groups (from before the plugin was installed or when a group needs to be reassigned to a new supergroup)

    The possibility for Admin to "Theme" the Supergroups, so the "Cats" supergroup could be assigned a suitably feline theme etc

    Provide a further subgroup and related group facility like the Lorea Project's plugins which I am using on my site at the moment - Thes two plugins require the Lorea modified Groups plugin to work fully.

    Anway... fantastic stuff, and thanks again.

  • @Mark

    It should be possible to reassign those groups now on the edit group page. of course its not a bulk solution, but its there (or it should be). Let me know if it is or not. 

    I too imagine deeper abilities. 

    The one issue, as in the next thing I will be doing, is creating a language structure that can be customized along with the different supertypes so that menus can render properly without the quick hack i put into play. 

    All ideas are welcome. Thanks for the feedback. 

  • Explained a few ways now it makes sense. It puts groups into...well groups! Correct? I like that!


  • Just started playing with super groups its certainly great in creating sub groups. I am wondering if these subgroups were to have different profile fields and entries how can that be supported.


  • @a4animesh 

    it is certainly possible to think of adding custom profile fields in the future. 


  • @Zakary, thanks, I'll look again, I must have missed the setting.  If I can't find it I'll shout.

    @TahoeBilly... By George... you've got it!

  • @Zakary... I had another look.  I had the Profile Manager plugin working and adding fields to the Group Profile.  This is quite an important feature, so to be able to have the Supergroups field available in the Profile Manager or in spite of it, would probably be essential for a beta release.

  • @Zakary... I switched off the profile manager plugin, and the field comes up, but it would be nice to have a dropdown with pre-populated with the created Supergroups.  I got a token mismatch error when trying to classify a few groups, not sure why, perhaps it is because I have subgroups/related groups  plugins active but the Lorea Groups has been replaced by you plugin. 

    I was also thinking, a better name for Supergroups might be "Communities".  Then a new Tab in the groups views with a directory of these Supergroup/Communities to assist filtering and finding.

  • I will take a look at profile manager plugin, see whats going on. 

    Thanks for the feedback

  • Sub Group Menu on Where it is showing SubGroup menu.

    I am unable to find anyone can please tell me where the SubGroups menu is populating.

  • sub group menu is extending the drop down menu if enabled. if enabled, your group sections will be a descendant of Groups as a category. 

    If it is disabled, then the groups you choose will be listed without a hierarchy and appear as if they were each individually a plugin.


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