Release Notes

This plugin is a substitute for the Elgg Core default groups plug in. It is intended as a direct replacement.


What this plug in does

Supergroups provides the ability to create group clones. Another way to put it is the ability to make groups of groups.


The biggest change is the addition of language file support for each supergroup created. 

Check my blog or read the included read me file for specific instructions on setting up language files for supergroups.


  • Sadly, this plugin does not work for elgg 1.7.5.


    It does next to nothing, except add one group link to the menu per group you add. It does link you to world/YOURGROUPNAME, but there is no change because having one group name and another. They all go to the default/first group language file, and all the data links to the default/first group. Even when changing tabs in the main group window, it leaves your world/YOURGROUPNAME and goes to world/?filter=!!! (where !!! is the filter). So, even if this did work, I am not sure how effective it would be at accomplishing group-mod clones overall.


    If you really want to clone groups, your best bet is just to copy paste the default groups folder and change the languages to what you want, as well as changing the term 'groups' in most places to 'groups2'.


    Good try guys, but it just doesn't work.

  • I havent even looked at 1.7.5 with this plug in yet. 

    althought i am not entirely sure what it is you are saying, its a bit confusing. What this plug in does in 1.7.4 is create categories/sections of groups. I do know that 1.7.5 had some page handling changes which probably means i need to update this to reflect those changes, and i will when time permits.

  • This plugin does not work with a nearly-clean 1.7.5, nor a somewhat-modified 1.7.4.

    You can go to the normal groups/world/groups url, or groups/world/my-groups url, but they all point at the same single basic groups.

    As far as I am concerned, this plugin doesn't work and has never worked with 1.7.4 or 1.7.5.

    What you guys need to do is make sure it works in 1.7.4 and 1.7.5 on a completely DEFAULT elgg.

    Developing advanced things like this on a heavily modified version of elgg will cause screw ups like we are seeing now.

    Good luck.

  • @Untamed - Well it works fine on my 1.7.4 installation!

  • It worked with the 1.7.4 installation after numerious rearrangements of my plugins.

    I have tried the Supergroup to create a small hierachy with a Mother-group with all members, subgroups with large or minor fractions of the members according to their interests.

    However, it is very heavy to load & laborious if I need to add the group members data several times in their right groups one by one. So I need a way to search the right users, grab their metadata and place them in the right subgroups.

    I know the documentation behind grabbing metadata ( and the Form & related plugins that may do the job, but cannot configure them or create the code - any plugin (or sequence of plugins) you know to do so - Please!

  • Looving the concept. looking forward to your updated version.

  • My clones don't list properly: For example it says 3 groups created when in fact there seven. And on the first pagination only one group is displayed and on the second the rest of the groups.

    Any ideas??

  • My Elgg1.7.8 says: Misconfigurated plugin!

  • HI bjerke its working in elgg 1.7.8,

    Dont apply directly the plugin super groups,Open the folder see there groups folder is there,Replace the default groups plugin,its working....

  • Hi.
    Is available for 1.8.3 ?

    Will be very interesting.


  • This plugin seems to be a good idea. It is pitty that no new versions are available. I hope the author is not put off by some demanding tone. Sometimes we seem to forget that we get things free here and people do things mostly on voluntary basis and probably also have a busy day job toearn their bread...

    Hope a new version for 1.8.x will come...


  • I have been searching and searching for a way to have several kinds  of groups available. I need a series of product groups, the ability for people to create/register their local meet-up groups, and then finally the ability for people to create "fun groups" like on facebook etc.

  • I hope this plugin is still being developed, or even better, I hope this kind of functionality will be added to Elgg.

  • hmmm ;oO it has been abt 2.2 years !;-P maybe you're too new, maybe you don't read around far too much enough.. ;-) zak's been gone like a longg time ago.. (super) multiple groups sort of stuff, i think has been done in several different styles, here and there.. i don't have hand-out links, but if you browse around seeking.. you should find some relevant posts and maybe even plugins that have done (or attempted) similar. 


  • That sounds very promising DhrupDeScoop. I have been searching for the last few days, trying to figure out how to do what is doing on this site also under Groups. I need it for almost all my Elgg installation. Hope this will be integrated into Elgg.

    I'll keep looking !

  • google -> 'elgg super groups clone'

  • Have you planed to develop a version compatible with elgg 1.8 ?

  • Maybe with Elgg 1.9? Cloning groups is useful staff.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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