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A Feedback button for Feedback. Admin interface.

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Feedback-button shows up on every page! [English is included]The form of the Feedback for a user. [English is included]
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INFO: This is Prashant Juvekar's plugin, I've just made it for 1.7.3 fixing.

Fixed minor bug.

Adds a Feedback button to all pages so that the user can provide feedback to the site administrator. The feedback can be reviewed by the administrator under the Administration->Site Feedback menu.

0.6.1 Fixes (By Simon)

  1. Translated cancel to English in plugincore.

0.6 Fixes (By Simon)

  1. Now works for 1.7->.1.7.3 (and more?)
  2. CSS is edited
  3. Removing works for all
  4. Adding feedback goes smooth again
  5. Several bugs fixed

0.5 fixes

  1. Added settings to specify upto 5 usernames who would be emailed feedback text

0.4 fixes

  1. Works without captcha enabled too (beware of SPAMMERS)
  2. Fixed captcha input to take up less vertical space (shortens the form)
  3. Display status on success or failure with a close button. After closing form the feedback form is enabled again for another round of feedback!
  4. Fixed issue with div masking page elements (e.g. Login text boxes)

0.3 fixes

  1. Fixed position of the form
  2. Captcha support to avoid spam

0.2 fixes

  1. Always keep the form on top
  2. Shrink the wrapper when form is collapsed so that it does not act like invisible div
  3. Added user's mood and about selector to give more richness to feedback
  4. Allow textarea to work when tinyMCE plugin is present (avoid rich textbox)
  5. Auto track the URL from which feedback is provided



  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1311
  • Recommendations: 7

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