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Fixed possible collision with preloaded jQuery libraries

  • how can i get password for domain?

    I tryed in visuland site but dont get any answer

    Nice plugin!


  • Just to clarify, will this ultimately provide a clone of the 3D Worlds app that Freeserve used years ago (god i feel old just saying that! X-D ), where pretty much anything that can be done on a normal social networking site - such as chat, checking out friends' media galleries, staying updated with what's going on with their friends, using the groups/pages/blogs/file sharing features (as well as any other features added via additional plugins) - can still be done in the 3D version while allowing each animated avatar to interact with each other (ie. have commands like wave, walk, run, jump and even dance etc...)?

  • Yes, this is our long term goal, while keeping a closed integration with open source social network projects to avoid unnecessary duplications.

  • Umm...just a little issue here...there's no mention of any charges here for using this plugin and anything connected with it, so I installed it, headed over to the plugin page to ask for a password and couldn't help notice a big "Pricing" link.  Had a look at its page and you seem to charge a hell of a lot for a pitiful nmber of users.  So what's the story?  Do we need to pay those ridiculous rates to use this plugin and anything that this plugin requires to function??  :-/

  • Whoops!  Just looked at the page properly and realised that's only for private worlds.  But I still feel it should be mentioned on here since you claim this plugin allows private world functionality... :-)

  • It's very simple: public worlds are free, privacy costs a little more :)

  • Yup, did say I realised that - allbeit eventually! X-D However, since you use the private worlds feature as part of your "sales pitch" for this plugin (free or not, it's still technically a sales pitch when trying to convince people to use your product) it only seems right to point out that it's not included as an out-of-the-box feature and requires a substantial monthly investment. All I'm saying... ;-)

    That said, now that I know this I'm afraid I'll have to pass on it since - without making a huge financial investment (300EUR a month PLUS a setup fee to allow a mere 100 users of a social networking site access to this feature is a little ridiculous...) - my members would be thrown into into an environment where they could come across all kinds of nasty people, since the public world contains all users regardless of what site they're accessing it through... :-/

  • What price would you feel fair? How many concurrent users would you expect?

  • Not compatible with Firefox 5 unfortunately so about 40% of my users cannot use it...

  • but why, after entering the code (in administration) and chose the country, when I select Tools-> visuland 3d, I see only an empty frame?

  • I wrote them asking for the code & never heard back.

  • @El Fuego If you PM us the domain name, we can look into it.

    @justauser We're sorry, your request might have been lost. Can you do the registration again?

  • @vlsp: I sent you 2 private messages explained my problem but have not received any response

  • I'm sorry, I got swamped with some other projects recently.

  • I'm the only one that fails to operate visuland?

    When I go into administration, I see (image1)

    Then the first time a user chooses visuland 3d appears: (image2)

    Fill the form: (image3)

    Receives ok from the server: (image4)

    But see only a blank window and it does not offer any ActiveX plugin installation.

    Can I manually download the plugin? Where?

    Help me please

  • Any updates on this for 1.8.12? is there a standalone "public" version that doesnt give adds or asks you to "upgrade?


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