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Allows embedding VisuLand 3D virtual worlds with live voice and webcam chat, avatars, YouTube watching, desktop sharing.

by vlsp
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You can embed a VisuLand 3D virtual world right in your Elgg site, for your own community. 


  • Real time communication with video and audio
  • Shared Youtube, Vimeo watching, live video/webcam broadcasting
  • Desktop sharing, Mini games, presentations
  • Free to provide access to public Visuland worlds. No extra registration, no duplicated login is needed 
  • You can have your own private world, where only your members are allowed, even with custom design.


  1. Install the 'country-selector' plugin from Jerome Bakker (461662). Sorry no links are allowed here
  2. Install the plugin as usual
  3. Contact us, and request your free domain password, required to embed the plugin 
  4. Click Administration / Tool Administration, search for the hu_skawa_visuland plugin, then click on Settings. In the input field, enter your domain password. Save it. Then you might have to reload the page to have the available worlds appearing.
  5. Select the world where your members should meet.

As of now, the client side works with Windows only.


We're happy to provide you with custom Elgg solutions


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  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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