Group Member Manager v1.1

Release Notes

Two small changes:

* Added a link to the Group Manager main page for Creating a New Group.

* Added pages to allow administers to manage group membership by user.

When logged in as an administrator you will now see a "Manage Groups" link in user's profiles that will take you to a screen where you can add or remove them from groups directly.

  • Is there any way of adding a select all option?

  • As in, add a user to every group?

  • Hi Doc

    Thanks for an awesome plugin - it's saved our users alot of hassle when it comes to ensuring they're in the correct groups for courses!

    Think we may have found a bug however that prevents more than one group being displayed after the first page of results at least on PHP 5.3+.

    The line of code responsible is on line 68 of views/default/grouplist/grouplist.php:

        for( $i = $offset; $i < $offset + $groups_per_page; $i++ )

    After some testing we were able to confirm that the second loop expression does not seem to evaluate to the expected value once the offset is greater than zero. That the loop stops after one iteration suggests the that $i is being compared against $offset as opposed to $offset + $groups_per_page.

    Making the following tweak fixed this issue for us:

        $offset_end = $offset + $groups_per_page;
        for( $i = $offset; $i < $offset_end; $i++ )

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the patch, I'll apply it and re-release.

  • Well, I'll get to it tonight.


    If I can get a better description of the select all request ... select all groups?  all users?  On which screen for what purpose?

  • Hi Doc, you must add this to the file actions/admin/group/modusergroup.php after the line

    $result = join_group( $group->guid, $groupMember );

    for notify to the users when they belong to a new group

                        $user_entity = get_entity($groupMember);
                         notify_user($groupMember, $group->guid,
                                    sprintf(elgg_echo('groups:welcome:subject'), $group->name),
                                    sprintf(elgg_echo('groups:welcome:body'), $user_entity->name, $group->name, html_entity_decode($group->description, 0, 'UTF-8'), $group->getURL()),

  • I see the link in the admin area but it only shows an empty page... any ideas? I am usin 1.78

  • There are alot of depricated functions which could do with addressing with the latest version of elgg. Also even once i have replaced the depricated functions in start.php
    extend_view now becomes elgg_extend_view for example, the plugin doesnt seem to work for me, i dont see any changes.. any ideas?

  • Do you have plans to port this very useful plugin to Elgg V1.8 ? [please :) ]

  • I'm a sucker for smilies.

    I'll take a look at it this weekend but I've been in C/C++ land for the last half year or so and my PHP is a bit rusty.

  • Doc or anyone, has this been updated to 1.8 anywhere and or is there a replacement for it? I use this plugin all the time.

  • Oh wow, I'd forgotten writing this till your post popped up in my email.  It was a side project on a contract 4 years ago where the client was cool with sharing the work with the community ( So if you like it props to Cap Logistics for paying for the initial dev and being willing to share ).

    I actually just started a new job at a startup in the "constant crunch time" phase so I'm up to my eyebrows coming up to speed with their code base right now.  If anyone wants to take over this plugin I'm tottally cool with that.  Let me know if I have to grant permissions or anything.  If not I'll put a note in my to-do list about looking at porting it to 1.8 but I won't be able to act on it probably for a month or so.  

    How difficult is a 1.8 port?  Is it just tweaking things or did they shake things up a lot? 


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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