Group Member Manager v1.0

  • Very useful plugin.



  • Thank you so much for updating this, we have been needing this fixed for a long time now! great work.

  • I'm actually working for pay on this one as it is part of a request for contracted functionality, so if there are any ideas for improvments let me know.  If my client wants them I can do them on the clock.


    Also, does anyon know of an xisting module that allows administers to create or remove friendships between users?  Or something similiar that I could adapt to the task?


    Thank you,



  • Well thank the person that is paying for it.  The only idea I had for it was it might be nice to have a by user view listing groups they are in, vs. by group.   As there are only a few users I need to constaly manage group memberships vs. needing to see every group and go in to those to uncheck that member... would be fast to show users and list the groups they are in and then uncheck those groups.


    I'll run it by them.  Makes sense, especially when they get off the test site and start (hopefully) having lots of users to manage.  Thanks for the link, Examining Westor's code was helpful.

  • Thy didn't bite.  I think I'll do it for the community release anyway in a week or so.  It is a good idea.

  • OK, way more than a week or so.  But I haven't forgotten.  If there are any other requests pop em in so that I'll have them when I do get a moment to do this.

  • Just an update, I am not sure if it is the plugin or elgg, I removed myself from 3 groups and I still recived notifications from those groups after. but I am not seeing them in my notification lists.


    Any one else have that problem?



  • Hrrmm ... just the basic groups module?  All notifications or some notifications?

  • @Guys...

    Not too worry 100% ! I do believe there may be some bug/ weakness inside Elgg -- when you leave a Group -> your notifications are not deleted.. This does need some more research before we can officially complain OR code the fixes ourselves and release ;-)

  • If you tell me where the notifications are stored I can make it find and wipe them as part of the group departure =)

  • Dis gonna be messy mi amigo ;-P

    Some time back when I was coding the stuff for "Delete My Account" for FbfKids.COM I encounntered somewhat of messy code that I had to deal with so that notifications were also zeroed out. Of course from an academic point-of-view this is all easy stuff. But the assumption always is that everyone knows Elgg internals rather well.

    Gimme some time to go back and find that code so that I can talk a little more meaningfully on the topic of notifications ;-)

  • Nice plugin, but would it be possible to add the option to create a new group in this plugin? If you make a group you have to go to the group tab and then back to the admin controls to ad members with this plugin.

    Any how ;) this is a recommend plugin!

  • Just what I was looking for. I wanted a way to stop users creating new groups, but for administrators to be able to do it.

    So I made the following changes:

    In views\default\grouplist\grouplist.php, I inserted after line 40 (echo "<div class=\"contentWrapper\" >\n";):

    echo "<p><a href=\"{$vars['url']}pg/groups/new/\">". elgg_echo('groups:new') ."</a></p>";

    Then in the Groups Mod, I deleted in:

    start.php - line 242
    views\default\groups\side_menu.php - line 7

    Users still have permission to create groups, but they won't know they can, or how to do it!

    This seems to work properly. Anyone got any suggestions to improve it?

  • Great plugin! All we need for Group Member Management is to:

    1.Search among already registered members by their tags (Interests),
    2.Grap these together (with the other metadata) and
    3.Add the selected members to a newly registered Group (e.g., a sub-group).

    You did solve point 3., what nobody else could. Can you do the first 1. and 2. also - and many of us will be very happy!

  • I did a new version for some of the requests.  Took a lot longer to get around to it .. but its a new year so time to deal with all the stuff I've been putting off =).


    I'd need more specifics for Phillip's request.  Mock up screens and an idea of how you envision the workflow to be. And I don't really consider disabling user's ability to create groups to be integral to this plugin ... as in just cause someone wants to be able to manage groups directly it doesn't mean that they would also want to keep users from creating new groups, you know?


    Anywho, 1.1 is up.  If a bunch of people want to supress user group management I could make it an optional configuration for this plugin.




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