Kill Dead Widgets! v1.0

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To use, unzip into mods/, enable the plugin, view the plugin settings on the Tool Administration page, and click the link.

  • Great!  This kind of thing should be in the core code in my opinion.  ThanksBrett!

  • @Mark - I agree that something like this needs to be in core. 1.8 allows plugins to do garbage collection when they're disabled, so hopefully this won't be a problem in the future!

  • Well with so many DAMN spam accounts that we all have to deal with this is one plugin that folks with a busy site should have : ). Now I wish there was a MASS Profile DELETE for getting rid of like 4,000 FAKE Accounts. I was tempted to INSTALL ELGG on a DOMAIN that I thought was LOST for EVER!! But I finally got it back and it still has Page rank 3 wow!! BUT I did not install ELGG because ELGG is very hard and is not the best for LINK BUILDING...

    For Auto Link building ELGG is also not that great. Until this changes sorry to say WordPress, StatusNet and Blogtronix are going to be the leaders in this.

    But I really do not like these other ones ELGG is still my fav. I just launched maybe a LAME site because it was an Online Dating Site but those sites are DEAD NOW.

  is what I am talking about. RSS FEEDS can be imported right into this SITE and they Auto Post without any CRON JOBS.. Amazing! They finally got the API going good. This could be a HUGE Addon if you got rid of THEWIRE this can do way better then that plugin but lacks the Twitter Service.



  • @soldierone ... general online dating sites are pretty dead and useless now. but if you niche the site a little more, it could work. i'm beta-testing a no-paper-trail discreet 100% no-charge all-male hookup site (while making changes).

  • Thanks for this very practical tool!

  • this too also works for 1.8.9 :) great job brett!


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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