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Although created for elgg 1.5 it still works on 1.7.1 and 1.7.3 (not tested on 1.6 or 1.7.2)

  • great ... just what i need, ... my site is in arabic and i try for ever to do that with no success, thanx

  • @alysami thanks for the feedback, glad I could help :)

  • this is my website bonah.org , if you think thier is any codes could help you in RTL proccess i would love to share it with you, .. i am not programmer so my codes not clean and may hold erorrs, thats why i am afraid to share in public.

  • @alysami thanks!  your site looks excellent!  I'm also not a programmer which is why I only share plugins that I have adapted for RTL , I wouldn't know where to start creating a plugin from scratch.  There are still so few of us sharing RTL, it would be great if you would share your codes, you can always state in the description that it is beta and may hold errors.

  • @Susan :- Thanks a lot for this wonderful Plugin . I tested on IE 7 and firefox 3.6.9 . It worked perfect .

    if pssoible could you please provide

    1) any way to add or embed videos ? ( youtube )

    2) Getting full screen of the editor ..


    Thanks for your help



  • @Kiran,
    LOLZ ;-P
    You are asking the wrong person (as Susan herself will tell you too) for TinyMce video embedding !
    Also posting on the wrong place. To code video embeds is definitely not a trivial task.

    Just howmuch code do you want for free ?
    Either.. hope and pray that some developer has got nothing better to do and will code a freebie for you when they're not paying rent, etc or post in the Professional Services Group.

  • @bujji as @Dhrup points out I'm not a programmer :(  however I do sometimes get lucky and find solutions on the internet 

     when I originally adapted the plugin for rtl, I also added the possibility for embedding video.  That was when I was using elgg 1.5 - it worked perfectly - however that adaptation included changing something in one of the core engine files, which is different in the 1.7.1 version of elgg.

    Anyway, I've just checked on my 1.7 .1 site and when I click on the html button inside the editor or on the toggle plain editor link I am able to embed a video if  the htmlawed plugin is disabled.  (The video doesn't actually show in the editor, but is there when the post is published.)  Apparently it is not advisable to disable the htmlawed plugin - so maybe someone can help with info on how to allow video embed when htmlawed is active.


  • @Susan :- Thanks a lot for your comments and the infromation . I just checked and disabling htmlawed plugin helped . But as elgg team said , It is extreamly unsecure . So looking for alternative solution and on the following link Mark Bridges says some easy way . May be that will help


    @DhrupDeScoop :- Thanks for the advise :) . I read some where your comments and why you removed "Donation" link . Sure it frustates . My case , I am a Database and Java guy . Just started looking at PHP,HTML and other web designing stuff . So bit confusing .. that is the reason so many questions . JAI HIND


  • @bujji1, I am not sure there is an easy way to do the video embed stuff, but modifying the way TinyMCE looks and buttons and the button order etc is pretty simple, it won't take you a minute to master.

  • @Mark :- Thanks for the clarification . I understood now it is difficult :)



  • The way to allow video linking is to edit the Htmlawed $CONFIG->htmlawed_config rules in that PlugIn ;-)

  • Thanks Dhrupji , You rock .

    Copying the below lines helped, But only problem I see is for any tinymce , until you see the preview you are not sure where that video is .If you want to add some text above and below of the video then you have to go to html editor on tinymce and add some text on top of the Embed object you see and also below and then come back to what you see what you get editor and modify the text . Otherwise since the video is not visible in WYSIWYG you don't know where you are adding the text.


    $CONFIG->allowedtags['object'] = array( 'width'=>array(), 'height'=>array(), 'classid'=>array(), 'codebase'=>array() , 'data' =>array(), 'type'=>array());
      $CONFIG->allowedtags['param'] = array( 'name'=>array(), 'value'=>array());
      $CONFIG->allowedtags['embed'] = array( 'src'=>array(), 'type'=>array(), 'wmode'=>array(), 'width'=>array(), 'height'=>array());

      $CONFIG->htmlawed_config['elements'] = 'object, embed, params, param, b, i, ul, li, u, img, alt, a, blockquote, span, style, p, strong, em, ol, br';

  • Hi,

    any ideas how do we change the language from en(LTR) to hebrew(RTL), after uploading this TinyMice RTL plug-in

    Sorry if the question is elementary, Im a newbie here!!!


  • Hi @sabz I didn't translate the actual language of the plugin if that's what you're asking

  • Sorry for the delayed reponse. Yes, the language is not translated only the template is RTL. Now on to this RTL plug-in I want to display "elgg text" in arabic, the user entered text on the fly can be translated using the "gtranslate" thats fine, the text which is a part of elgg needs to be also displayed in arabic, with the dowloaded plug-in how can I have the elgg text displayed in arabic. Any hints on that.

    hope this is clear. Thanks for the response

  • @sabz this plugin will only make the text editor display user inputted texts RTL. 

    In order to translate the site language, you will need to 

    • either find an Arabic language file (ar.php) ( I don't think anyone has uploaded one to the community yet, but you might ask other Arabic speaking members if they are willing to share their translations.)  OR  add a translation plugin and translate yourself, I use translation editor
    • add an RTL template to your site so that the whole site is displayed RTL (unless you need the site to have both RTL and LTR functionality.)

    hope that helps


  • Hmmm.. I know there are several elgg-sites in arabic using rtl and translated elgg lang files - but never have i seen those same poeple come post their language files here. i have helped several of these people, but no - no language files uploads here. i did once try to get arabic elgg files going for a $client of mine (in Human Rights), but they dropped the project to concentrate on French because of their business requirements ;-( They did have volunteers to translate for them. ps - I still do projects for them so maybe they'll want arabic sometime soon. I tried to use Google translate to generate --> English -> Arabic -> English to see how good Google could do the Elgg translations - about 70-80% seemed ok. Anyone wants to try that again ?

  • @Tsairi, yes that was indeed helpful. I've understood that. One more question, the TinyMice-RTL when enabled displays normal LTR. How am I going to enable it to display RTL.

    Appreciate your response.

  • @sabz with most of the plugins it should be enough to simply click on the rtl button.  I think that in the blog editor you actually need to input at least one letter and then click on the rtl button.


  • fix for focus in TinyMce-rtl    the following link is to a zip file containing only 1 js file - tiny_mce.js to replace:


    Many thanks to Nadav Kavalerzik for this fix

  • danke schoen susan; one of these days i might actually learn an rtl language and play more seriously technically lolz ;-) - you now what i am like... regards.


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