Hebrew translations v2.0

Release Notes

I am not sure about the standart procedure for packing language file, so please comment with any specific ideas or questions.

Please notice:This pack was created for an initiatives network. Therefore, groups קבוצות are named initiatives יוזמות.

Good luck

  • how do I make this plugins to work on my ste ?

    Thank you


  • Haim from your other questions it is not clear whether you have already installed elgg or not.

    If you have, then to add the Hebrew language files you should upload them to the various language folders inside the mods in your mod folder.

    eg: mod/blog/languages

    the main he.php file which is not inside a mod folder should be added to the core languages folder in the root of your site.

    יש להעלות את הקבצים בשם


    לספריות התואמות בשרת שלך לדוגמא:


    את קובץ השפה הראשי אשר לא נמצא בתוך ספרייה צריך להיות ממקום בספריית השורש




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