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Just a simple Modification to the Elgg Bookmarks Plugin and a Pop-Up Window Bookmarklet

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Ok I been obsessed with the Bookmark Feature on ELGG for a long time and I really do not know why! Well as everyone knows I have no real idea about CODING and I can hardly remember what API Stands for but when it comes to making a plugin run faster and better I will find a way to make it work.

So I finally found a way to make the Elgg Bookmark Plugin Feature to run a lot faster and smoother and took out a lot of stuff that was slowing it down.

I took out the Sharing feature that was at the Bottom. When you have over 200 Friends on your site it starts to really slow down bad! So I took that off which was in the form.php file.

Next I changed the line:

// Format page        $body = elgg_view_layout('two_column_left', $area1, $area2);


// Format page        $body = elgg_view_layout('box', $area1, $area2);

This seems to speed it up. Now as you know I am not a developer so the 'box' is not correct but I like the format and it is centered perfect in the Bookmarklet Pop-Up Window!

So now you have a Fast Loading Pop-Up Window that is like Delicious (Wish I could make it work like the new Share Feature with just adding a simple URL).

I have the Pop-Up Window Settings perfect so with my theme not sure of any other theme it shows up just right with the SAVE button at the very bottom. I do not have to Scroll down or anything and you can also change the JavaScript Bookmarklet Code to get rid of the Scroll Bars. I added Top and Left to the Javascript Window code so it will be more Center in your browser when the window opens.

This makes bookmarking a lot faster and makes it super easy to fill out the Description and Tags if you want too. I do not know if there is any JavaScript Commands that will auto Fetch the Tags or Keywords and or Description Meta Tags and place them into the bookmark like the Title and URL already auto populate. If anyone has any idea please let me know this would make this plugin even better!

I plan to take every Bookmark post and send it to the WIRE automaticly or have an option for this... so this is the next project I want to work on. So bookmarks will also goto The Wire and show up on Twitter !!!

Next if I can even figure that out... I am also slowly working with a guy that I bought a Backlinks Generator Script from. He is very interested in making an Elgg SEO Backlinks Auto Link Exchange Plugin out of this PHP Script.

What is excited is... just like how Twitter has a Badge that billions of websites already have this could open the door for something simular but even way more powerful because those sites that take part in this will of course get a free high PR backlink. I am also going to make a Share Button since now there is a Pop-Up Bookmarklet Share with this plugin. I plan to spread this around on a few blogs and see how it goes.

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