Westors Elgg Manager v1.8.3 free

Release Notes

- compatibility with Elgg 1.8.3 down to Elgg 1.7.x

- layout issues fixed

- several bugfixes

- new functions: elgg entities browsing and editing for admins

- splitting up a professional version with some more options 


  • Not to discourage you Westor, but thats the fact. Crowd funding in elgg wont be a success. Few months back, I have also released information about a crowd funding project. You can see the status still in 0$. Now I am also worried about discarding the project. 

  • @westor, keep the donation, the plugin seems to work (havent fully tested it yet) and even if it doesnt work i am sure there is some code in there that i can pull out and use for other purposes that i need, so the $10 is worth it.  You see people posting everyday, "I need this, I need that, etc, etc..."  but wont even both donating a $1!  sorry to see that the development of this plugin will not be happening.

  • ok.. so i was a little wrong; $1 can sometimes buy something(s) -> ' ...dollar Menu for the second time this year—and this time, $1 items are being added, not taken away.. ' other general perceptions.. however ramain... 

  • people who use this and other plugins that have not donated in the past or donate now to help fund the development should be ashamed of themselves, after downloading and seeing this work i feel ashamed i could only donate 10$.  if the wife didnt keep me on a budget i would donate more to this and others.

  • Does this work with Elgg 1.8.12, has anyone tried it?

  • @Kimberly! Do the honor of testing and let us know : ) It worked perfectly for 1.8.11.

  • As Graeme Buss reported on page 1, I also am unable to see this plugin anywhere except in Settings. However, I am using Elgg Release - 1.8.3, Version - 2011123101. In the plugin info block, the comment column for both dependencies shows as OK. Are there any known conflicts with other plugins, or does Westor's have to be in a certain priority position?

  • @westor Thank you for this plugin,
    but it best if you create panel into back-end!
    How see panel just back-end?

  • adc

    i do have a funding solution. provides income for admins/devs/users. great anti spam tool. discourages spammers and provides a fantastic incentive for new users to join. income generated on auto pilot.. your users do all the promo for you whenever they invite anyone to register on your site. :-)

  • @ westor , How does texting the users work with this plugin? Does someone has to subscribe to your server or use your API to use mobile fuctions? Have you tested it with elgg 1.8.15 and above? I noticed that when this plugin is used with elgg 1.8.15, it does not display properly like your screenshort indicates here on the download page.

    Any idea on this issues?


  • This plugin has made my life managing semester based student accounts so much easier.

    Thank you very much :-)

    Recommended: A+

  • Thanks for this fantastic plugin! Unfortunately, my emails to 'activated users' are not sent. This is on Elgg 1.8.11.

    Accoring to the 'Message Center' they are stuck in the state 'wait'. I have activated the 'Elgg default option' and the messages make it to the users' inboxes on the platform.

    I also have lynx installed on the server and a working cron that triggers every minute (also checked it with the croncheck plugin) and is defined

    */1 * * * * lynx --dump http://mysite.com/pg/cron/minute/ >/dev/null 2>&1

    In the plugin settings, I have indicated that 'YES, Cron and Lynx have to be installed'.

    I was hoping anyone here ran into similar problems and can share possible fixes. The galliMassmail plugin btw works fine for me.

    Thanks a lot!


  • I have over 24.000 user. If I select "All active users" I get that error "Async(4) exception: Transport error 500: Server error". All other selections works well. Have anyone ideas whats wrong?




  • If I want to send an e-mail to non active users I get the following error message on my MacBook Air:

    Async(81) exeption: Transport error 500: Server error.

    Have anyone an idea what wrong?

    Best Regrads

    Christian Bernert

  • hey, any chance in fixing the "Your session seems to be invalid or outdated, please login again." error in 1.9? thanks.

  • Anyone able to resolve this issue. I am getting following error when clinking on Elggman under menu. Please help me as it is required for my site. I am trying to install 1.8.3 (free) plugin in elgg 1.9 version. Thanks in Advance.

    Your session seems to be invalid or outdated, please login again.


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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 18570
  • Recommendations: 95

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