Westors Elgg Manager v1.8.3 free

Release Notes

- compatibility with Elgg 1.8.3 down to Elgg 1.7.x

- layout issues fixed

- several bugfixes

- new functions: elgg entities browsing and editing for admins

- splitting up a professional version with some more options 


  • This plugin is absolutely amazing!  Im completely blown away by how wonderfully smooth everything seems to work.  I'm only having one problem that requires clarification.  I installed the free version compatable with 1.8.3 and am keenly  interested in the SMS feature.  However, I cant seem to get the SMS to work.  Does this require the premium version?  I would be more than willing to purchase for this feature, I just want to make sure it will work for me before purchasing.  

    This is maybe a stupid question in contrast to the genius that birthed this plugin, but perhaps I am just making a country code mistake with the SMS?  I tried using this format: 00 1 555 5555 and +00 1 555 5555 and 1 555 5555 but none seem to work.  I am trying to register a US number.


  • i wish i could use this plugin on latest elgg, i manage to stop spam blog and registration, but i need to erase more then 2000 users...fake users..inactive etc..is there a plan to port this to 1.8 ? 
    this looks like the best plugin ever for elgg to manage users.. 

  • Not working with elgg 1.8.9 i want to use this plugin can any one help .. :(

  • same here....i have some 1000 users to delete...all fake accounts, fake emails..

  • this is for 1.7 anyway..not sure language file would be the origin of incompatibility. 
    should probably be refactored to support elgg 1.8.x 

  • Request for support of further development of Westors Elgg Manager (crowdfunding)

    Hi all, I want to ask you for support to make the next stept in development of this plugin. Please go to my site community-software-24.com, read the request and the next steps, and consider to make a donation.

    The next steps can only start, if funding is successful.

    You may get back a link to your website from that PR 5 website, if you like.

  • @Torsten: would it not be nice if everyone who downloaded this plugin sent in $1 (how much cheaper can it get??) x 9584 = ??

    @All: so c'mon guys! you all know all about coding, developing, living and enjoying free gpl'd plugins.. shall we all call it pay-back time? or just let the developers stay stuck @0 ? we can all do it *if we get *together to *help.. magic sometimes happens..!

    This PlugIn is a rare piece of work, I know the work that's involved!


  • Torsten, I'm afraid to say so... but I don't think it will work out to fund the further development this way - at least if not a few very generous patrons will appear.

    Minimum $7600 = 7600 x $1 or 760 x $10 or 380 x $20 (on average!!).

    With ~10,000 total downloads you also need to take account multiple downloads by one and the same user. Getting basically are current users to pay even a tiny bit for further development seems rather unlikely though.

    At least you were perfectly honest and open regarding "Also it's not possible to pay the money back to you." I appreciate that but I'm afraid it will discourage people only further - at least it discourages me when I see the counter still so very low.

    Coldtrick tried the same approach to get funding for upgrading the Custom Style plugin (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/384668/1.0.1/customstyle). It was also not working with even $2500: http://www.indiegogo.com/elgg-customstyle.

    I'm afraid the userbase of Elgg for crowd funding might still be too small. I don't know if it might work better by using Kickstarter. I've not yet checked out how exactly Kickstarter works but I think they offer at least some automatic refund option if the goal is not reached in time. This might help to get some more people encouraged as they don't need to be afraid that their money is "lost".

  • iionly: i agree with most of that @200% =>
    ' current users to pay even a tiny bit '
    maybe most people feel that even $1,2,3 is too much to give !;P
    what does $1 buy today on most countries ?
    not even a drink of bottled water..!
    as i learned some years, when shopping for a new car;
    at one point, the sales-person simply said --
    ' ohh, you do want everything..
    you just don't want to pay for it ! '
    -- ii shut up,. stopped trying to negotiate,
    paid the price, and walked out with new car. 
    so.. 'donations', funding plugins, development..
    everyone seems to think that 'elgg is free' and..
    therefore all developers must be working for free ;) 
    as if developers do not have to pay for rent, food;
    di not have families, and so.. do not need anything,
    not even a click on the 'recommend' button... 


  • i'll pony up 10$, havent downloaded yet, using 1.8.11, but what the hell.  if it doesnt work i am sure westor will have something other plugin that i will find useful

  • wish i could give more, but have to eat myself :)

  • just as a note westor, when i tried to register to your site i get an error message i get an async error 1,2, and 3....something about a transport error, unknown transport.....

  • @costa: weirddd! that's referencing the (OSI) protocol layer(s)!;-P maybe some browser <-> server issues. did you simply try again ? should clear.

  • yes i did twice actually before i left the comment.  maybe should have closed the brower and reopened, will try that.

  • holy crap!  this looks sweet, it at least loaded in 1.8.11, wont have time test until later.  did get a alert that kept popping up saying something about messages plugin not installed or something to that affect.  i have changed my messages plugin tremendously so gonna instal the original elgg later and see what happens.

    might have to start saving my lunch money to donate some more cash! lolz :)

  • 'typo'? everyone sometimes.. some people seem to
    maybe think or maybe guess - that 'elgg is maybe free'... ;-)



  • First one word to the "Async error". This usually is if you have a large database a timeout problem. As I mentioned in my blog post on my site, I want to change the table to a virtiual table, then it would be possible to have large userbases and it will work.

    I cant promise to give the money back to donators. (By the way: thank you for first donation! I think I will send this back, if the donator will stay alone ;-))
    Please imagine if I would have some thousend of small donations (2$ 5$ 10$ or so) - imagine the costs and the time I would need to send it back.

    Dhrup, I think, it is not the question if I would ask for 1 dollar or if I would ask for 10 or 50 dollars. Question is if you think you need that software or not. If you really need it, and if you earn money with you community, it could be possible necessary to have this plugin for better managing your users.
    As much as I know no other plugin is able to manipulate elgg entity data and meta data.

    Last but not least: If you buy a backlink an a PR 5 site - how many do you pay for that? I offer for 90$ the backlink, combined with the opportunity to participate in funding of a great peace of software.


  • @costakisc thank you again for donation, I think I should stop this action and give back the 10 $ to you - I read this discussion and I think, it really doesn't make sense with this small elgg user base.

    I also agree, and don't think that there is any big sponsor. In fact I think we must forget the further devepment for this plugin. Many people buy senseful things like ringtones, but don't want to pay for hard work in software development.

    BTW: Registration to my site is currently not allowed because I was to much spammed. Sorry for that.

  • Not to discourage you Westor, but thats the fact. Crowd funding in elgg wont be a success. Few months back, I have also released information about a crowd funding project. You can see the status still in 0$. Now I am also worried about discarding the project. 

  • @westor, keep the donation, the plugin seems to work (havent fully tested it yet) and even if it doesnt work i am sure there is some code in there that i can pull out and use for other purposes that i need, so the $10 is worth it.  You see people posting everyday, "I need this, I need that, etc, etc..."  but wont even both donating a $1!  sorry to see that the development of this plugin will not be happening.

  • ok.. so i was a little wrong; $1 can sometimes buy something(s) -> ' ...dollar Menu for the second time this year—and this time, $1 items are being added, not taken away.. ' other general perceptions.. however ramain... 

  • people who use this and other plugins that have not donated in the past or donate now to help fund the development should be ashamed of themselves, after downloading and seeing this work i feel ashamed i could only donate 10$.  if the wife didnt keep me on a budget i would donate more to this and others.

  • Does this work with Elgg 1.8.12, has anyone tried it?

  • @Kimberly! Do the honor of testing and let us know : ) It worked perfectly for 1.8.11.

  • As Graeme Buss reported on page 1, I also am unable to see this plugin anywhere except in Settings. However, I am using Elgg Release - 1.8.3, Version - 2011123101. In the plugin info block, the comment column for both dependencies shows as OK. Are there any known conflicts with other plugins, or does Westor's have to be in a certain priority position?


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  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 20031
  • Recommendations: 92

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