Westors Elgg Manager v1.1

Release Notes

v 1.1


- deferred mail was used as default FIXED (now default is send instantly)

- sender email adress was not correct set FIXED

Enhancements + features:

- upgrade to qooxdoo 1.4

- rather deals with contact email if available, fallback to email, if not available

- automatic polling for new e-mails

- change polling interval in settings

- message history changed to message center

- show inbox bevor outbox

- doubleclick on an email or a line in the mail table - large view / normal view

- added button for maximize the view

- allow copy and paste in read mail window

- quote the incoming mail into the mail answer

- set state of e-mail to read after 1 second

  • Will this be compatible with 1.8 soon?

  • when i select all activated users, i get the error below. i'm using 1.7.10https://elgg.org/mod/image_proxy/image.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi55.tinypic.com%2F20s949.jpg&token=10311305059ec88d1637414c6f49f4a7b8718ef5

  • Sorry, the last mails from here where lost in spam folder, so I read you mail just now. Please send me your axact domain names and the regarding error message via PN.

  • @candid - yes, but I don't know exactly, when I will find the time for this.

    @rohonupe00 - it't senseful to limit the amount of maximal data in the result set depenend of your server performance etc. May be you got a time out.

    In /services/qooxdoo/elggMan.php the is a line

    define ("MAXENTRIES", 9999);

    you can play around with this limit or you could try

    set_time_limit ( int $seconds );

    at the start of that file.

  • Question does anyone know what changes I need to make to php.ini to be able to send an email to hotmail/yahoo users using the plugin?


  • Hi Westor,

    I'm having the same problem as @Drifwork and @Steve: when sending messages from ElggMan to my Elgg users I get "Messages were saved for submission" , and although the message go toe user's inbox @ Elgg, it doesn´t get sent by email. If I send a message to the user through Elgg's native messaging, the message gets sent by email.

    Any ideas?

  • Very good plugin. I use version 1.7.9 but Elgg paresentou the following bugs:
    1 - does not send e-mail service;
    2-SMS Westor as I said;
    3-I did the translation into Portuguese using the translator, ie, creating a PHP file but then the plugin does not work. Or at least appreciate all white. I had to make a direct translation into Portuguese in en.PHP.

    I recommend the plugin

  • Thank you all for recommendations and reporting bugs.

    I'm still very busy with other projects, but I will try to release a bugfix in the next days.

    Also I will check how much effort it is to make it work wirth elgg 1.8. Please stay tuned.

    @Vagsiarom: such problems may occure if your translation uses ' instead of " in the values of the language array. Because all the text in the fields, starting with ElggMan_: are JavaScript variables in the rendered page.

    Please try to check this out.



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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