Westors Elgg Manager v1.1

Release Notes

v 1.1


- deferred mail was used as default FIXED (now default is send instantly)

- sender email adress was not correct set FIXED

Enhancements + features:

- upgrade to qooxdoo 1.4

- rather deals with contact email if available, fallback to email, if not available

- automatic polling for new e-mails

- change polling interval in settings

- message history changed to message center

- show inbox bevor outbox

- doubleclick on an email or a line in the mail table - large view / normal view

- added button for maximize the view

- allow copy and paste in read mail window

- quote the incoming mail into the mail answer

- set state of e-mail to read after 1 second

  • Great Torsten! Is is possible at some point in the future to permission it to admins and say group owners or possible a way to manually build a list of users who get to use it versus the normal users who keep the standard simple mail interface?


  • Thank you William. You can restrict the plugin in the settings (the Elgg settings form) to work only for admins.

  • This is a pretty slick plugin. Recommended! I was looking for a way to look at contacts since the current interface is pretty clunky if you have a lot of contacts and this creates more of a "directory" feel. I had a couple thoughts that shot into my head as I used it.

    1. Maybe an option or default to hide members in private groups. I suppose I could just delete that window but it was a pretty cool feature.

    2. It would be a nice to be able to one button email to collections or groups.

    3. IMAP inbox for the last 3 to 7 days

    I am thinking along the lines of creating a workspace within elgg. Your direction may be different. 

    I have no idea what is involved in these features so forgive me if I ask too much. 



  • @evolutio: Thank you for that commendation. Regarding new options - that is all a question of time.

    I will develop this plugin for my own needs, as I need it and I think I will bring new versions online, if they are useful for the community. But as a professional I have to work in for payed projects and I have to give them a higher priority.

    But giving the option to send mails or sms to groups (with serial mailer options like variables for the Name, etc.) is one option I thought about to integrate in the future.


  • You can send test SMS if you live in germany or many other countries my SMS provider (SMS gateway) supports. If you want to have your own solution you should first select a provider for your SMS delivery. Depending of taget countries etc the costs may differ. He should support SMS via http (all of them are able to do this, I think.) . Then I can customize a backend integration of your provider, but you have to pay for my effort.

  • @westor: I hear you as my elgg site is a side business and being payed by potential is not necessarily ideal. 

    but I still see a lot of potenial for the addon for in business applications and contact managment.

  • @evolutio - yes you are right, let's stay in touch and talk via mail or pn

  • Excellent Plugin. 

    Made it much easier to manage my ELGG site. 

    Having a bit of a problem sending out Mass-Mailers though. 

    In an earlier version of this pluggin, I could send out Mass-Mailers with no problem. 

    I have upgraded to the latest version 1.1 and now everytime I send out an email it says "Messages were saved for submission" But it never sends anything out, and I can't see where to actually send the mass-mailers. 

    There is nothing in the settings that I can see that would be preventing emails from getting sent out as soon as I press the 'send' button. 

    Any ideas would be swell. 


  • @westor Having the similar condition as driftwork. unable to send email using the plug in. I have elgg 1.7.4. Tried it in ie9 and chrome. The email drops into the elgg inbox for that user but the notification to their registered email address is not sending. I tried changing the different combinations listed in Tool Administration>settings but none of the options send email out. You can ask me more questions if I missed anything.

  • By the way, I back tracked and tried a previous version of this pluggin (1.0a) and I am encountering the exact same problem. 

    Any ideas please?

  • @Driftwork, @Steve

    it's running for me with the latest elgg release 1.7.

    If you don't have cron configured to run with elgg, you have to set the cron option to "No", I think this is the default.

    Did you try to send to an external contact or to a community user?

    May be in dependence of your php version there could be an issue. Could you send me the part of your apache error log file, if there was an error logged?



  • @Westor, thanks for your response. 

    Strangely, when I activate 'debugging mode' and then go Elggman, it will not retreive the data and throws me this error: "Async(3) exception: Local error 2:Aborted getElggData"

    If I turn off debuggin mode, I can then see my user data through Elggman but I can't 'debugg' the Elggman mail process because with debugg mode on, I the Elggman pluggin doesn't seem to want to work at all. I can see the shell but not the user data. 

  • If you receive that Async exception, php trys to output something to the browser - a warning or an error. And that causes the XHR request to fail, becouse json data are expected and nothing else.

    That sound to me like a problem with php version. Which php version do you use? And which elgg version?


  • I am using Elgg 1.7.7



  • Ups, are you sure? Actual php version is 5.3.6.

  • @Torsten :- 2819 DL and 41 Recommends ? = 0.0145% not badd but... when will these downloaders wake up and have the energy to click "Recommend" ? Aufenthalt gut und Code auch ;-oO

  • Hi Dhrup - you're so right :-) But at least it' one of the most recommended...

  • Torsten, mein Freund - join me@HackersGalaxy.Com, EmbrachE.Com, ElgNesTista.Com - wir können das Elgg World;-)

  • Ja, das werde ich machen :-) 

  • Jetzt ist es 04.00 Uhr hier in den USA. Ich schreibe morgen mehr ..

  • Well, we should use personal messages again :-) cu tomorrow.

  • My host allows us to have multiple domain names as I run multiple sites from one account.  However, I notice there is a problem in that my elgg directory is a subdirectory on the account.  It shows up as both xxx.com and xxx.yyy.com.

    I get this error:

    Async(1) exception: Server error 6: Permission Denied [3]

    http:www.xxx.com != http://xxx.yyy.com Please make sure your domainname is set identical to domainname in your url.

    In the site settings I use only xxx.com but I guess it makes a call to xxx.yyy.com.  

    Is there a work around? I can't code...




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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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