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This is a bugfix for 1.0

!!! Note: SMS are actually delivered to german mobile networks only !!! This depends on my contract with my provider. Please ask me for your custom solution or to extend the contract for delivering to your country.

!!! Update: SMS to many other countries should work now!!!

  • Now SMS functions are supported. What does this mean?

    The SMS provider I use on the backend side is a german one. So SMS delivery in germany and many countries should be possible without problems, but - there is no guarantee for all countries.

    Everery SMS you send will cause costs for me. Therefore I will limit the number of SMS per sender domain to 6 - one for sender number verification and 5 for sending SMS. This should be enough for demonstration.

    Currently many thing still remain open and we have to discuss your use cases and your business model to see the options we have and the things to implement and the contracts we need.

    If you e.g. have a business model, where your users should pay for their SMS, we could implement an account model per user, he could be able to charge his account by making a transferal via Pay Pal or other. So he could buy credits for SMS sending. In such a case the user e.g. could donate other users with credits from his own account.

    Depending on your use cases we could negotiate, if you could e.g. have a contract with my SMS provider or if you would like to have another provider - in your country, let me know.

    Another option could be to have a contract with me and I buy and pay the SMS for you, but lets talk about your plans.

    In every case you would have to pay for my development time to make this a customized solution.

    Some ideas for SMS sending:


    • user to user
    • user, admin or group owner to many users or group, using of a tmeplate for the message and variables for username
    • your website sends automatic birthday greetings to users
    • populate special river events via SMS (e.g. a new post in special group)
    • appointment alarms
    • adding MMS functions
    • adding answer to website funtions

    To discuss SMS stuff, please join my community and follow this group:




  • Nice feature and  thank you for sharing this with the community. But I have an comprehension question. Is it possible to integrate my own provider/carrier without making any kinds of contracts with you?

    An answer will oblige.


  • Yes, of course it is possible. I can customize the backend part of the plugin as you need it, and of course we can extend the frontend for all things you need in special. But I can't do this for free, I would have to charge you for that. If you are intersted, we should continue discussio via pm.


  • Thank you for your contribution.

    Would this plugin be compatible with superadmin plugin? could admins add and remove users? could they control their users activities (messages, invitations, comments, ...)?


  • I don't know the superadmin plugin, but I don't know any reason why it should not be compatible with. Yes admins can add and remove users with my plugin. And no, they can't manage the messages etc. of other users with my plugin. Do you think, there is a need for that? May be we will have such options in the future.

  • There should be no substantive need for an Admin to "manage" other users' messages -> That is PRIVATE - and you may open yourself up to legal action(s)

  • @Samad - The 'login as' plugin will allow an admin to manage other users accounts if the need arises but as Dhrup says, you have to be very careful with that and make certain it is clearly spelled out in your terms of service so as to eliminate any expectation of privacy on the part of your users.


    @Dhrup - I can think of several reasons why the ability to access users messages is legitimate. Particularly in cases of harrassment, spaming, or threatening another user. It is a slippery slope and constant guarding against abuse is necessary but there are instances where this feature is definitely useful. That said, it's not something I would want just any user admin having the ability to utilize.

  • Just a sidenote: I'm not sure if the SuperAdmin plugin still works in the recent Elgg 1.7 versions.

  • The only known case of an Elgg site Admin being able to read users' messages cropped up last year -- the web-site was law-enforcement related ;) We have code on FBFKids.Com to do that at will - but not sharing that code - unless there is a real legal and other related incentive. We use this to guard and protect the safety of our users - KIDS.

  • The 'login as' plugin most assuredly allows admins to read users messages. I tested it just yesterday.

  • One thing I could imagine, if an admin would be able to remove some kinds of content, like blog entries or comments (spam) of some users (if you do not want to delete or block them completely). But I have no glue, why an admin should be able to read private messages of users.

  • @madd69 - Thank you for your replay. My aim is not to log in as one of my users, but instead, make some users admins and give them some admin control but not as much as the superadmin has. For exemple, these admins should not have access to the site or tools administrations, however they could create users and manage/remove them (but only their own users). Could you advice me a way to accomplish this?

  • @Samad - I'm relatively new to elgg and still learning php (not reccommended as it can be confusing learning both at the same time) but what you propose would be extrememly useful in most any application of elgg that I can think of.

    User admins on any site of size are almost a necessity but at the same time, allowing them the same funcionality of the main admin is very dangerous. I've read through every plugin on this site...three times...and am not aware of one that will accomplish this.

    I believe what you are looking for is an interface that allows you to choose what functions a given admin can access. I would take it a step further even from denying admin page to denying access to certain tools on the admin page. As an example, the 'login as' plugin I mentioned is something that would be useful in certain circumstances, but not something I would ever want a user-admin to have access to, but other plugins on the admin page would be useful for a user-admin. I also wouldn't want a user-admin to have the ability to turn plugins on/off, etc.

    I don't believe at this point that this is a simple project. Something for someone far more experienced than I am in both php and elgg, but I agree with you that it would be a fantastic feature.

  • Is it possible to hide the SMS function ? i cannot find in the source

  • Not in this version. I think about to make these things as plugins in plugin.

  • Just installed this version - excellent as usual!

  • Thank you jededitor and opensource.

    I wonder why so many people had ask for sms features and now no one seems to be interested in using this now.

    Also I didn't get some recommendations since my last update, so I'm not sure if people like development being continued.


  • thanks westor for your wonderful plugin. and as far as sms features are concerned i would like to know how much does costs to start sms service.

    you have made a cool dark and ight theme. can you add an option in the plugin settings to upload a new background.and also give more theme color options.(i mean to say blue,orange,etc..)

  • @coolsam001: thank you for feedback.

    SMS can and should be customized for your needs. We would search a SMS gateway service for your delivery countries. May be there are countries, where you may get free SMS gateway services, but I think for all professional usage they would charge you for every SMS you send.

    What my plugin does (in short terms):

    - It gives a comfortable frontend for SMS managment

    - the backend part sends the messages out to the providers gateway

    Therefore I could only make you an offer for the effort I would have to customize the backend part, and / or extending the plugin to cool features like birthday reminders etc. All other costs are beyond my responsibility.

    You also could make a contract with my SMS provider, if you are satisfied with the country delivering (e.g if you live in germany and deliver mainly to germany) and the prices of that. Or let me know more about your plans, may be you coud become part of my own contract.

    Theming is a little bit complex and takes a while. So I have to charge for my time for customizing - sorry. Because the colors of the dark theme are graphical elements, it is not possible to change the theme easy. All colors have to be harmonized, and all grafics have to be touched.


  • thanks for your answer wester. As I live in India so i think i have to see my country sms gateway services. And as you said you can extend the plugin to add features like birthday reminders then it would a great addition to the plugin. as far your current version is concerned i would highly recommend it.

  • westor i have a custom topbar. how can i show your plugin in that.(i mean the code).

  • westor i finally got it working on my topbar.

  • I would like to give a new suggestion:

    It would be nice if this plugin allows admin to view what the users filled in the profile fields. Allow admins to select a field to view.

  •  This is the coolest mod yet. But is it possible to rename the link name?


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