Westors Elgg Manager v0.9.2

Release Notes

Minor fix and removing unneeded stuff

  • This is a very cool plugin, looking forward to the sms functionality. Thank you.

    There's a few hardcoded words, any plans of adding those to the language files.

  • On Firefox I get only an error:

    Async(1) exception: Server error 6: Permission Denied [3]

    with Async(<number>) ascending when I switch tabs. On Chrome it works.

    The "Known since" is nice to find a user's data directory on Elgg 1.7. :-)

    Would it be possible to add an option like "Admin only" in the settings? While the functionality for normal users is already limited it would be nice to be able to restrict the usage completely to admins. Especially the possibility for users to send emails might be misused. So it might be a good option to not allow normal users access to the plugin at all while still be able to use it for management as an admin.

  • @gillie: I'm looking for such places and try to replece them.

    @ionly: regarding your bug: Can I see it online somewhere or could you send me your server answer from firebug?
    Yes, I can add an "Admin Only" switch in the config menue for using the whole plugin. But did you see the option in the settings, that normal users only can send mails to their friends and not to any user?


  • @Westor... Cool plugin buddy :)

    I didnt start using it but I was also thinking on lines of iionly as you have said on the description as "One can send bulk e-mail to a bunch of "users" or friends"... :) that was confusing but now its clear as you have said "normal users only can send mails to their friends and not to any user" :)

    Another question can Qooxdoo be used to develop or does it support on building mobile phone Java applications ?

    Waiting for sms functionalities :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • @westor: Thank you. I came across,

    Laden ... bitte warten

    User, Groups - Tab text

    0 rows



    and the hover info

  • @jaxcatz ..maybe it helps you -> mobile_devices

    @Westor ..danke fürs aufräumen ;)

  • Thanks good_vibrations :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • @jaxcatz: the qooxdoo core team is working on more mobile support. the new qooxdoo release already includes touch events.

    @gillie: :-) thx, will fix this for the next release.


  • Hi westor,

    I test it only locally (Elgg 1.7.1, Elgg 1.7.2), so external access is not possible. Firebug's response is:

    westorelggman.js (line 10959): {"error":{"origin":1,"code":6,"message":"Permission Denied [3]"},"id":2}

    I've checked the "Friends only" setting. When enabled and a user tries to send a message to an external contact there's only a very cryptic error message. I think it would still be helpful if the access to the plugin's page could be restricted to admins only at least as an option.

  • Hi iionly, that sounds to me like a problem with the same origin policy of your browser and should not accur in your life environment. I wonder why this is only in context with tab changing - other request work well?

    When you switch to groups tab, the groups are fetched from server 2 requests. But when yoou change back to user tab, now new request is done.

    If you work local, do you load your website from http://localhost/ ? Or how looks your url? All requests have to go back to the same origin, where the script was loaded from. Could you check this in firebug?

    Hmmm... I try to check out the cryptic error message.

    OK, I'll see for the next release, if I can include such an option as suggested.


  • Nice plugin..

    Is there a way to change the title "ElggMan" to something else we want like Manage Contacts etc..?

  • I found the reason why it didn't work on Firefox. The RefControl addon prevents it from working. The error occurs not only when switching tabs but prevents your plugin from working at all. With RefControl disabled everything works fine as it does in Opera and Chrome. So far, the Elgg Manager plugin is the only plugin I ever came across that has trouble with Firefox's RefControl addon. I guess it's due to Qooxdoo framework, right?

  • Yes, look in languages/en.php (for english) - first entry in the array.

  • @iionly - not necessarily. It may be an issue of php backend referer check. I havn't tryed refcontrol, but I'll replace some backend parts in the future, may be this will solve the issue.

    Generally the "same origin policy" makes some things a little bit tricky with AJAX.

    If you want, you can send me a firebug dump with the urls, which are requested.


  • @Westor - not much I can say except...wow! Lovely plugin. I will test and report back

  • Hi westor,

    Simply superb plugin. waiting eagerly for sms functionality.

  • @Westor - No words to say .. The best plugin in Elggs world .

  • @Westor - small note on add as a friend button , if I select all the people , then it sends friend request to every one .  There is a chance of 10% people misutlize this feature :) . I mean blindly slecting "Select all" and clicking add as a friend . if there are 100 K people ... This is just a note I am putting

  • Thank you for all the positive feedback! Next version comes soon! Stay tuned!

    Meanwhile I have to discuss with the people, who are interested in SMS functionalty, how we can handle this. Shoul we start a thread for that?

    @bujji1 - yes, you are right. How should we solve this? Should we remove the button for that? So you would only have the possibilty in context menue... - but as an admin you could like to be able to become a friend with a lot of people. Should we decide, admins have this button, normal users do not?


  • @westor... about what bujji pointed out may be only admins need to have such a vast functionality and normal users can have upto the possibility of selecting "friends of friends" to sent friend request messages ?

    and about sms functionalities we already have some threads but not relating to this plugin but sms functionality in general... lemme post the link -->



    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • @Westor - Thanks for listening to me and responding .

    for users ( not admins) :- Is it possible to allow only once and that also only for admin configurable or fixed number users ? I mean users can maximum for example select 100 users and send invitations and that too only first time and then should disable this feature .

    Or using this feature allow users to send max 'N' number of users total in his/her lifetime . I mean first time user Loged in and sends for 10 people and second time 5 people and third time 10 people , once he reaches total 100 disable this feature . Am I thinking too much :)



  • @Westor - One more note

    for users ( not admins) :- They are able to see email id of All activated users . I feel Ideally this should not be a case . Only we should show emailids for friends ...



  • Really nice plugin --  but when I run, I get a message: 

    Async(1) exception: Server error 6: Permission Denied [3]

    (and on Safari and Chrome (mac osx 10.6.4)).  I know this has been

    mentioned elsewhere here but not sure how to resolve it.  My installation

    is running ssl (https).  Thanks for any help/pointers!  

  • Hi - I resolved the issue in previous post re: Async(1) exception ..

    - turns out I had an SSL certificate issue that was apparently causing

    the exception.  All seems to be working great now.  


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