Shibboleth Auth for 1.8 v1.8

Release Notes

Redesigned for 1.8, easier API. Added preLogout event.

  • Two problems in making this work in start.php it uses ___DIR___ which the php docs say is a PHP 5.3 feature so I replaced it with dirname(___FILE___) the php 5.2 way to solve that problem. The second problem is in the postRegister function in DefaultConfig.php which uses parent::postRegister except Shib_DefaultConfig implements Shib_IConfig it doesn't extend it. I circmvented this by overriding the postRegister in the config.php file.

    Just to note that DefaultConfig looks for shib-fullname which my LDAP doesn't use but then you do say it requires a config.php so I simply overrode getRegistationDetails() [Should this be getRegistrationDetails? not a coding problem]

  • Kevin, the master branch here is more up-to-date. Yes, the DefaultConfig $_SERVER keys are made-up; you're supposed to override getShibUsername and getRegistrationDetails (which now must return a Shib_RegDetails object since it felt messy to pass an array there). I guess the nice thing to do would be to provide admin settings for those so this would be more useful out of the box.


  • Category: Authentication
  • License: Modified BSD license
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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