Classroom Updates v0.1

Release Notes

this is as alpha as it gets... just releasing to the community for some help

  • first thing I want to get working is the classroom updates main display pages...

    currently it can display for instance, Beginners North and Beginners South separately on the page, but then for the past updates I would like to combine them and I am not sure of the code.

    here is the current code:

    $area2 .= list_entities_from_metadata_multi(array('update_type' => '2','status'=>'0'), 'object','updates', 0, 1,false, false, false);       
            $area2 .= elgg_view_title(elgg_echo('updates:class:current:bs'));
            $area2 .= list_entities_from_metadata_multi(array('update_type' => '1','status'=>'0'), 'object','updates', 0, 1,false, false, false);
            $area2 .= elgg_view_title(elgg_echo('updates:class:past'));
            $area2 .= list_entities_from_metadata_multi(array('update_type' => '1','status'=>'1'), 'object','updates', 0, 10,false, false, true);       


    as you can see the last list_entities_from_metadata_multi only is set to display update_type 1, how can I get it to display any entity that matches 1 OR 2?

  • I want to demo it, please if i can, or i want full description of its features.........


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