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Puts the world views links at the top of the canvas on all pages (and Adsense!). Logged in users get drop down menus for faster navigation. With CSS Preload Menu.

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i modified the cnavas menu from skotmiller

( )

I cant change the hover color in the 2nd level, i am not a coder! Sorry! For a fix or a idea big thanks!

The Links lists in the /mod/canvas_menu/views/default/canvas_menu/menu.php

To change the margin-top, go to the main css and search "canvas"!

The default is in english! The color is elgg blue!

I hope you like it!

For GERMAN delete the menu.php and rename the -german. menu.php to menu.php at the folder /mod/canvas_menu/views/default/canvas_menu/

For GERMAN delete the css.php and rename the -german- css.php to css.php at the folder /mod/canvas_menu/views/default/canvas_menu/

Demo at


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