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Core and widgets of Elgg 1.7 translated to Brazil Portuguese (pt-br) / Núcleo e widgets do Elgg 1.7 traduzidos para Português do Brasil (pt-br)

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Here is a pt-br translation package with all the translation files inside the correct tree of directories. It means that all you have to do is (1) unzip the package; (2) overwrite the /languages and /mod directories with that in this translation package to Brazil Portuguese; and (3) choice pt-br as the default language of you Elgg's installation. The core of Elgg 1.7 and the following widgets/plugins are translated in this Elgg Labs release:


Aqui está um pacote de tradução pt-br com todos os arquivos de tradução dentro da árvore de diretórios correta. Isto significa que tudo que você precisa fazer é (1) descompactar o pacote; (2) sobrescrever os diretórios /languages e /mod com aqueles contidos neste pacote de tradução para Português do Brasil; e (3) escolher pt-br como o idioma padrão da sua instalação do Elgg . O núcleo do Elgg 1.7 e os seguintes widgets/plugins estão traduzidos neste pacote:


autobox, blog, bookmarks, captcha, custom_index_widgets, defaultwidgets, diagnostics, elggchat, embed, event_calendar, file, flyers, friends, garbagecollector, group_operators, groups, htmlawed, login_redirector, loginbyemail, members, messageboard, messages, nospotlight, notifications, online, pages, profile, profile_manager, reportedcontent, riverdashboard, search, tag_cumulus, tagactivity, tagcloud, tasks, tinymce, upload_users, username_focus

Leandro Salvador

A person who discovered that (initially!) free services like Ning.com are not reliable, and decided to invest energy and time exclusively in Free Software, like Elgg.

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