LiveTranslate v0.21

Release Notes

For 0.2:

  • Changed the look of the Translate iconChanged the location of the icon, it's now always next to the Search box (it was hard to find a consistent place within different views).
  • Added extension for Profile.
  • Added fuller support for the various places a Group description, brief description, and topics show up.
  • Revised the JavaScript generation to better account for dealing with one page with multiple views with translation extensions.
  • I started adding support for the Group Membership widget, but since it loads through Ajax, all the JavaScript gets doubled up.  Need to come up with a clean solution for this (the static variables in addTranslator() aren't enough).

For 0.21:

  • I cleaned up some of the JavaScript for changing the text label of the Restore icon. (since it's not used anymore)
  • Here's an updated version...and now I'm realizing I've maybe bitten off more than I can chew!!  Once I added support for group listing, which shows up in the Spotlight, now the translation icon shows up on every page.  Not really an optimal situation.  For example, I'd like to get everything in the River translatable, but that's kind of tricky/exhausting.

    One problem I keep bumping up against is how to deal with text that contains embedded html.  In general, I'm having trouble maintaining formatting: if there is a listing with a bunch of <P> tags, but some of them, like on the profile, contain bolded text like this
    For now, I'm just translating the contents of the span tag, which causes the loss of the bolding tags.

  • Here's a new version of the plugin video, showing the new icon and the Profile translate:

  • Bad news in the LiveTranslate world: Google has deprecated their translation API.  I will be looking into finding out if Google will provide some pay-per-use option. 

    Microsoft offers a similar service, which I have only spent a little bit of time investigating.  I'll look into it more, and if it looks promising in the near future (mid-end of July) I'll try to work up a version of the LiveTranslate plugin that works with the Microsoft API.


  • Good news - it looks like Google heard a loud ROAR when they announced the deprecation of the translation API.  See their response here.

    If you would like to voice your opinion, you can put a comment on that Google page, or you can also join the Don't Shut Down Google Translate API

    I'm guessing that the translate API will become a pay service.


  • thx a lot , very good plugin!

  • Amine - thanks for the kind words.

    I've completed an entirely new version of the LiveTranslate plugin, which will work with Google's version 2 API.  This is necessary since the free v.1 API will be shut down in a month or two.  But to make the costs as small as possible, we've added client side, and server side caching of translated content.

    I'll try to get the new version uploaded sometime in the next week or so.


  • Hope your new version works with

  • @Purus...ugh, saddly, it does not.  It's currently working with 1.7.1.

    We are not scheduled to transition our site to 1.8 until the release of 1.8.1 - so I'm thinking that we'll convert over sometime in December.

    I'll release the 1.7.1 compatible version, and if someone wants to bump it to be compatible with 1.8, I'll certainly help where I can.


  • @Mike:
    Is problem b/c Google's APIs v1<=> v2 ?
    or Elgg.1.8 API related upgrading ?
    -- Elgg.1.8 APIs, UI enhancements - I know with comfort level.
    -- Google APIs - I know somewhat but too little for happiy coding.
    ( is v.2 a pay-per-hit svc ? )
    I did experiment a fair bit with v.1 tho long ago
    before losing interest since the other party
    interested in this live trans went off-contact

  • @Dhrup

    Two things are going on - Google has deprecated their free v.1 translation service.  The v.2 service is a pay model, $20 per million characters translated.  So my new version switches from using the v.1 service, and only supports v.2.

    At the same time, Elgg has been marching forward, with the big changes in 1.8.  Our site uses a couple of 3rd party plugins which have not yet been updated to the 1.8 scheme, and we have 10 internally developed plugins which are domain specific to our site.  LiveTranslate is not particular to our site, so I pushed it out to the community.  But upgrading our site to 1.8 will take a fair bit of work, so we'll need to fit in the conversion work into our release schedule.  Realistically, this means that I wouldn't have a 1.8 compatible version of LiveTranslate until December or January.


  • @Mike: Thanks for the update on v2. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    We found a small bug in our server side caching, and have patched it up.  I'm hoping to post up the new (Google v2 compliant) version this week.

    @Speedysnail6 - nobody has tested the newest version with Elgg 1.8.  My site is currently using 1.7.1, so that's all we've tested with.

    Perhaps someone can take this new version of the plugin and push out an Elgg 1.8 compatible version without too much hassle.  Otherwise, I'll probably do it in January.




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