Simple Contact Form v1

Release Notes

First go.

  • Works great,I had to remove a little bit of code >views>default>contact>send.php

    The very bottom of the page there's an extra ( ?>)

  • very good! maybe if settings are in an exsternal page under admin menu, it is possible to use "description" field to insert images from google map directly with file plugin :-)

  • I'll add google maps integration next release and fix that display error with the extra "?>".  Thanks for the comments!

  • Great!  Just one thing, incoming mail from contact form includes html tags

  • Thanks, I'll make that an option in the next version.  Appreciate the feedback!

  • In the Tool Administration under contact [Settings] there are a couple extra line feeds:

    Contact Information:



    Note: the colon is on the next line instead of behind Address, and

    Contact Methods


    Note: again the colon is on the next line instead of behind Contact Methods

    Which appears to add the following to the form (even when blank under [Settings]):

    Contact Information


    Contact Methods

    Changing the /mod/contact/views/default/settings/contact/edit.php appropriate lines for Address & Contact Methods resolves the contact [Settings] under Tool Administration; however, the /mod/contact page form still displays blank fields.

  • any ideas on how to add an image upload field to this plugin??

  • @S3Indiana I'll take a look at what you are saying and make appropriate changes for next version.  Thanks!


    @triout I'm making another plugin right now that uses image uploads.  I'll add in a simple image uploader for it next time, but in the meanwhile perhaps a good place to look for that would be the plugin mod, the docs on entity icons, or the elgg files mod.

  • @triout for images upload on contact page it is possible to use description field with elgg files plugin so you have tinymce for a better text-images.

    in body it is:

    getContactSetting_html('description', 'contactdescription', true, false).

    but at the moment it's impossible to use tinymce on it. the solution is to put contact plugin settings page in admin submenu. can be an idea for this plugin

    @John I putted this function in start.php to call singolar data field (i.e tel, fax, street) all over the site with  <?php echo getContactSetting_html('phone', 'contactphone', false); ?>

    function getContactSetting_html($translation, $name, $paragraph = true, $label = true){
        if(get_plugin_setting( $name, 'contact') != "")
                $p = array("<p>","</p>");
                $label = "<em>".elgg_echo('contact:'.$translation).'</em>: ';
            return $p[0].$label.get_plugin_setting( $name, 'contact').$p[1].'<br />';
        return "";


  • how to call contact page in menu i am not getting 

  • I have installed the plugin.

    intalled it i gave seeting for it but i am not able to see in frent end on my website can any one help

  • The contact page will be at /mod/contact/ .  So


    I'll add an option for a tool menu item in the future.  Let me knwo if this doesn't work for you.

  • i got it but i am getting error from missing or field 0t token missing

    it did small changes i have cotect the lines decause i dont want to display it

    can u any one help in this issue i am doing in localhost in my pc but i have internet

    //getContactSetting_html('name', 'contactname', true, false).
    //getContactSetting_html('description', 'contactdescription', true, false).
    //getContactSetting_html('street', 'contactstreet', false, false).
    //getContactSetting_html('addstreet', 'contactaddstreet', false, false).
    //getContactSetting_html('citystate', 'contactcitystate', false, false).
    //getContactSetting_html('zip', 'contactzip', false, false).
    //'<h3>'.get_plugin_setting('contact', 'contactname').'</h3>'.
    //getContactSetting_html('phone', 'contactphone', false).
    getContactSetting_html('fax', 'contactfax', false).
    //getContactSetting_html('email', 'contactemail', false).

  • @John are you trying a solution in your next version to put plugin settings in admin submenu?

    this to use description field with tinymce too...

  • with googlemaps, a simple and a good solution, can be also to paste directly links from maps in an iframe.

    maybe you can consider also a field for it

  • @lord55

    Yeah, I'll put the settings in the submenu.   For the googlemaps I may make it a seperate plugin that can be extended from plugins or pages or widgets and read addresses or kml files.  Looking into it now.


    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • This 'Tapa" guy seems hell bent on posting his other non-Elgg interests and on more than one Elgg-related topic LOLZ ;-P WOnder how long it will be before Cashor Brett nab him ?

  • @John how is it going your new version?

  • @lord55 I should have time to work on it this weekend, I hope.  It shouldn't be much longer.

  • @lord55 perhaps actually a bit later than I thought.  By next weekend I hope.  Had a rush job to do.

  • @John if you need any help, ask :-)

  • @lord55 Thanks .  This has been delayed for a bit due to a huge contract I've picked up and have been working on all my spare time.

    However, its not abandoned.   I'll release a version shortly to fix the current issues

  • how can I set this into one of the external pages?


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