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1st release, so just hoping for some feedback!

  • Wow this is one of the Greatest Plugins I ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY ..... Well I can't say all I want but this is an Incredible Plugin that EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO USE! Now I wanted to just mention how much more you can ad to this!! I been looking for something just like this and since I am not a developer and I have no idea how to make plugins you did all the hard work on it thanks so much for making this. There are some other cool buttons that you can ad. I will list them below they also have Counters just like Twitter and Facebook has plus you can also put the Facebook Like button into this but really doubt it is needed.

    Here are some other cool popular social sites that have counter buttons also:



    Ping.FM has a Ping-IT! Button/Link that can send any page to over 30+ Major Social Networks

    Those are a few Major networks that I have found that has a sharing counter and ones that could also bring a great deal of SEO and Traffic benefits to any Elgg installed site.

    Another Incredible tool I have been using thanks to WordPress I found this and now my Elgg site is getting Thousands of Branding Tweets... I would recommend anyone to look into this site and set up their Elgg site. Once you have Elgg connected with your content will be broadcast before thousands that if interest is created will then be shared virually to maybe millions of others. I been testing this out with Bookmarking certain content and has been working.

    This is a great plugin and it will greatly improve both SEO and Traffic for anyone using Elgg!

    I want to mention an idea for a Free Backlink Script one of which I purchased that could make a great plugin also for SEO and Google PR Rankings. If anyone wants to see a live demo here it is:




  • Appreciate the concept; however, either location causes issues with the current theme installed (Elggzone Darkgrey 1.7.1 plug-in/tool elggzone_darkgrey). Covers the message icon at the top and affects the Bookmark this link on the left...

  • Edit the css or open up mod/social_bookmarking/views/defualt/social_bookmarking/owner_block.php and play with the layout. I had to make a few edits to mine, no biggy at all.

    This is how i have mine looking

    If you want to try this here is the complete code for ownerblock.php

    <style type="text/css">
    .auto-style1 {
        font-size: x-small;

    $location = get_plugin_setting('buttons_location', 'social_bookmarking');
    if (!$location)
        $location = 'sidebar';

    $facebook_button_type = get_plugin_setting('facebook_button_type', 'social_bookmarking');
    if (!$facebook_button_type)
        $facebook_button_type = 'button';

    $twitter_button_type = get_plugin_setting('twitter_button_type', 'social_bookmarking');
    if (!$twitter_button_type)
        $twitter_button_type = 'none';
    <div class="social_bookmarking_<?php echo $location; ?>">
        <a name="fb_share" type="<?php echo $facebook_button_type; ?>" href="">Share</a><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
            <span class="auto-style1">&nbsp;This On Facebook</span></p>
        <a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="<?php echo $twitter_button_type; ?>">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script&gt;
            <span class="auto-style1">Tweet This</span></p>

    back up the original ownerb lock first


  • @S3Indiana, unfortunately we can't make this plugin work with every available theme, I could only test this and try and make it work with the default Elgg one! (as mentioned in the description: "The plugin comes with some basic styling that fits in with the default Elgg layout, but should obviously be customized further."). If you give me the link to your site where the problem is caused, I can have a look and see if I can help with the stylesheets.

    @chambo67 is correct, you might have to make some edits (not sure if the HTML changes are necessary unless you want to add extra text), with CSS you should be able to style it? The DIV which contains the buttons has a different classname depending if it is in the sidebar or the topbar.

  • Wow, I've tested this out.  Looks great.  I haven't looked around to see if it conflicts with any other plugins, but so far everything is great.  Now, when you share content that requires log in or membership in a group, it shares info about the front page.  I like it.  Thanks for this contribution.

  • Do you have any suggestions on how I can inject the buttons below the reported content and bookmark entities?

  • Since they both extend the owner_block/extend view, the order in which the plugins run will affect the order they show up in. So if you change the following line:

        register_elgg_event_handler('init','system','social_bookmarking_init', 400);
    to have a priority higher than the report plugin, it should show up under it (giving it a 600 should do it).

  • Ah, you're the best.  Thanks!

  • Very Nice! Appears to work well. One thing is confusing. When I installed the plugin, the description says "Custom theme for Elgg. Clears out all existing CSS to make the styling easier." This didn't make sense. Should not the description say something about Facebook and Twitter - than clearning out all existing CSS? - that doesn't sound like something we'd be fond of doing.

  • Hi Ron! Sorry about the confusion! When starting the plugin I copied the basic files from another plugin we made ( and forgot to edit the manifest file!

    I'll change the manifest file and update a new version to eliminate any further confusion!


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2675
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