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First release so just waiting for feedback on it!

  • Hey nudge i just wanted to ask whether it is good to make a single css or should i break the css views in seperate folders .Thanks for the plugin


  • @coolsam001 If you're smart with your css then yes one file should be okay, the main problem with most designers is that they tend to overdo using images as part of the design this is generally what causes slow page load times, I think this plugin will help with the ability to implement more Css3 than just border radius (which a present is useless in Elgg due to IE) this is not Elgg's fault as usual it is the bane that is... IE

    however I'm interested in looking into this to adapt for use with .htc border radius work around for IE

    Currently I've been unable to find a stable method of using .htc 'BR' with elgg due the methods of styling used which essentially destroys the 'Default Styling' of the Elgg platform

    I have a page 'up' with the .htc workaround for people looking to help out!

    Also as you will be able to see I have emptied my Elgg app' totally of Border Radius for the time being

    visit to see what i mean... anyhows... I'll have a go with this and see what be the dillio (much love from the UK) Rich.

  • @NudgeDigital, Thank you for saving me hours upon hours resetting css files! Seriously... this is the best plugin ever for people making 'clean' custom themes like me. Hats off to you!


  • @coolsam001 and @rich sorry for the double post. If you want a javascript solution to get some css3 features including border radius, working in IE check out I haven't tested it with elgg yet but I have used it in the past on a few projects and it did the trick.

  • @stanton - cheers for that buddy looks like the best option thus far, I may contact 'keith' to see if i can develop it further for elgg, as it's under MIT license 

  • @coolsam001 like @rich said, the bigger problem is usually using too many images, or using them badly (using images when you could be using background colors, etc). So don't worry too much about splitting it up. If you do, you might have an extra pain of copying some styles from one stylesheet to another in order to have a consistent look and feel in your site (plus elgg merges them all anyway ;) )


    @rich and @stanton, thanks for the comments, it's always good to hear that the work one does is appreciated!

  • @Nudge. is your plugin compatible with 1.72.

  • @coolsam001 Since Elgg 1.7.2 is in beta still I haven't tested it yet. But I doubt they will change the way it works in a minor revision (it changed from 1.6 to 1.7, but probably won't change from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2).

    If I do get a change to install 1.7.2 on a test server I'll definitely test the compatibility of it!

  • @coolsam001 I've just downloaded version 1.7.2 and looked at the elgg_extend_view function. It looks identical so I'm even more certain that it'll work with no problems. (function is the same, just changed which file the function is in).

  • Thanks man.I'Ll try it in fresh installation of 1.72b.

  • @coolsam001, if you do test it and it works, let me know so I can update the description saying that it works on 1.7.2b as well! Thanks!

  • Hi , I downloaded the plugin today and see it is '0' bytes . Could you please check it ? Thanks for your help

  • If you mean the css.php file, I imagine that's how it's supposed to be given the nature of the plugin...

  • Thank you RPGRealms , I was mistaken .

  • Yes, RPGRealms is correct. The css.php file is supposed to be empty to put your own stylesheet there.

  • Forgive my newbie question here... I simply want to take an exisiting theme, like Seashell or ThemeFarmOrkut and put my own header in there... is this the best way to do that?  I am not a coder, don't know CSS, but figure I could find the right info to make the change if I am headed down the right path.

  • @RAndy : thats the best way to create an elgg theme. You can download a theme and make modifications on it or you can create on from the scratch.

  • Hi I've just downloaded this plugin to try develop a theme for my site. I have it in the plugins in admin but I don't know how to use it. Do I use it somewhere on the site or is there a file I can open in dreamweaver?

    I want to change the colours and fonts, split the body of the home page into 3 equal collums and title them and add my own banner.

    This is my first time using elgg. I usually just use design but am viewing more code now. I only have basic html knowledge. Any help at all would be great.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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