Release Notes

This is the first public release.

We welcome suggestions, bug reports, patches and constructive criticism.

We licensed the plugin according to the Affero GNU Public License (but the interface doesn't provide this choice.)  Enjoy!

  • Oops, I didn't count on the UI bug :)  Comments are now activated properly.

    If you see a white page, it's probable that you hit a PHP error, and so, please report the error mentioned in the log.

  • Hellekin, un-compressed folder should be named "admins"   than elgg_admins. 

    Maybe you forgot to rename it while compressing it. ^_^

    Btw, its written "View site administrators and manage their privileges." But I can't see how we can manage their privileges :)

    Other than that it must be useful when one has plenty of administrators 


  • Thank you elHayaze.  I've updated the installation instructions.  The description is a tad larger than the actual scope of the plugin at the moment: view admins at a glance and remove admin privilege in a click.  See the TODO for things I've been thinking of.  Alien code welcome.

  • Thanks. Looking forward to having the possibility of changing/editing the admin privileges.

  • mmm nice idea. The todo list sounds promising. *Recommended!

  • Oh great, thank you.  There are still a couple of issues that I need to work out.

    First, the custom view overrides the default fallback view, so if another plugin provides a user view, we lose.  In the code, there is a "fallback to the fallback view" in case a non-admin is viewing the page (i.e., outside the admins/ plugin).  This is ugly, but I couldn't find yet a proper approach to avoid it (e.g., a conditional override of the view.)

  • I don't understand exactly what you mean. But if you want to stop non-admins viewing the page (perhaps they get there by mistake) you can put the "admin_gatekeeper()" call in the top of the page. It will throw any non-admin to the index page.

  • @Trajan..

    Ok that will do for non-admins... But if the site has many admins and the real admin (the first one) is only expected to get the administration page then adding a gatekeeper wont work... :) or will it ?

    I think may be that what hellekin is trying to achieve, as this plugin is for/about admins :)

    have any ideas on that or tweaks to make that possible ?


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)



  • it does not work well .. the installation went well. But I found that does what it promises.


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1195
  • Recommendations: 4

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