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  • Cash, I am not the only one that verfied this, see iionly's first paragraph above, it's exactly the same problem I found. If I remember properly when the problem first showed up, I had isolated all of the plugins one at a time and this was the only one that fixed it when I disabled it.

    I'm now upgrading to 1.7.4. Since you say you can't reproduce it, I'm willing to give it another try once I upgrade and see what happens then. I'll report back. It'll probably be a few days.

  • Ron - I don't doubt you. It is just not as simple as turning on this plugin and eager widgets to see the problem. Until I can reproduce the problem, I cannot figure out what is causing the problem (and it may or may not be with this plugin).

  • Ron - found the issue with Tidypics. Open up tidypics/lib/tidypics.php and change these lines

    function tp_get_latest_photos($num_images, $owner_guid = 0) {
        $prev_context = set_context('front');


    function tp_get_latest_photos($num_images, $owner_guid = 0) {
        $prev_context = get_context();

  • Cash - ah, so it's a Tidypics problem after all. I'll give it a whirl once I upgraded to 1.7.4. And then I assume it'd be good to post to Tidypics so they know - and so that everytime we upgrade it, the problem doesn't return. Thanks MUCH!

  • Cash,

    Can you explain what you mean by "When using a theme that overrides the widget views, you may need to update the widget views to keep the modifications. This is highly dependent on the theme."?

    When I enable Eager Widgets, the Profile page looks great, but the Dashboard page is messed up.  I'd love to enjoy the benefits of Eager Widgets, so maybe you can point me towards what to fix in my other plugins/themes.


  • Russ - first check if it is a particular widget that conflicts with eager widgets. If it works on the profile, it should work on the dashboard as they use the same widget view.

  • I did find one widget that seems to send the dashboard into disarray (with Eager Widgets enabled).  Wierd in that I can simplify the widget view code down to a few lines and get either a clean or messed up dashboard simply by changing the name of a function from lml_get_element() to lol_get_element().  This is going to require more digging...

  • @Cash:

    I'm not sure if the fix for Tidypics you suggested to repair the Latest album widget title can be used in connection with the modifications done by Tidypics's r512 development release - who fixes the thumbnail ordering of the Latest pictures widget by changing the code at the same place. Maybe the next release of the Tidypics plugin will sort out both issues. In the meantime, do you have any idea how to get both fixes working to get both widgets working also in connection with the Eager widgets plugin?

  • The widget bug was fixed in r532 in Tidypics. Expect a new release in the next few days.



  • Cash,

    Can eager widgets coexist with


  • I have to add my thanks for this work.  Instant performance boost.

  • @MontanaMike I just checked out the plugin that you mentioned. The only thing that it does of any substance is change the location of the javascript files (loads them off Google's CDN rather than your server). That won't cause any problems with this plugin.

  • @MontanaMike yes as Cash said nothing more, it speeds a little javascript with no conflict

  • Cash,

    Will this help if I don't use any widgets? ( dashboard or profile), I use riverdashboard and custom profile with no widgets.


  • Briliant!!! Thanks for this mod.

  • This is how these 2 widgets look before enabling this plugin:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    When I enable this plugin, these 2 widgets look like below. the pitures are moved over to the right crossing over into other widgets:


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic




  • Thank you, Cash! The reason I found this wonderful plugin that solved my problem was this. This morning, my site was down for a few hours due to hosting server (I don't know what happened). It was either not accessible or very slow. After that, things seemed to have come back. But I found that all the widgets on profile page do not finish loading any more. The "e" kept spinning forever.

    This pluggin obviously has helped me bulldoze over that problem - and much improved in speed performance! But I am just curious, what on the server side (I did nothing on files this morning) could have suddenly caused the problem of widgets not finishing loading?




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