Rate entities v1.45

Release Notes

Release notes:

1.42 -> 1.43  The cancel button will be displayed only if you had rated before

1.43 -> 1.44  If you rated an entity, the rate input is ajax and you can reset your rate than you will see the "view_entity_rate" view and the ajax input view

1.44 -> 1.45  Made compatible with elgg 1.7.3

  • First, Huge thanks for updating the rate plug-in.


    I'm having a little trouble.

    1)When using


    It shows as radio buttons, not the stars :(


    2)How could I add the rate value to be save with values from the Blog tutorial?

    i.e. I the blogger rate my story as a ..3 (ok read) or 5(Must Read!)


    Thanks again.

    P.s. for the next update, it may be good to add an option to stop users rateing there own profile.

  • Thanks for the feedback :)

    1) You must to change the settings of rate_entities plugin in "[localhost] pg/admin/plugins"

    2) Sorry, I didn't get you. Do you want to show a historic of rates or show the evaluation that you made in some entity?

    Ok :)
    To evaluate your own profile is a bug not a option, I will fix It in the next release, thanks for let me know It.

  • 1) I have it set to aJax in the admin tools

    and it works in the demo but

    when I add the line above to my project, I only get the Radio buttons.


    2) Its like a Movie Review Blog, I want to save my rating of the movie.

    I the reviewer give this (3 stars out of 5) or (5 out of 5). 

    so Im the Only one who should be able to set it.

    My Question, Really is; where is the number of stars/value after submiting from a form?

    andHow would you suggest saving the value with the blog post data

    as the blog Tutorial uses default data fields and your demo has a custom data/saver class.



  • I wanted users to be able to rate other users' profiles, so I installed this plugin.

    Unfortunately this plugin then makes entities (i.e. profiles) unaccessible for not logged in users (turns the community into a walled garden). 

    I tried to solve this (make it possible for not logged in users to view rated entites (without giving them permission to rate)) by adding these lines before line 15 in default_input.php :

    if(!isLoggedIn()){ echo elgg_view('rate_entities/view_entity_rate',array('entity'=>$vars['entity'])); }else

  • @superduffman

    1) I think It is not possible to happen what are you telling unless you are doing something wrong.
      If It works to demon It must to work for your project too, send me a message explaining with details what are you planning to do and I will help you.

    2) Yea, It is a good feature for the plugin. I will release a new version with It this week.

    Thanks once again :)

  • @mio

    That is another bug...
    I am developing the next release right now,

    thanks for the feedback.



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