Release Notes

Added admin settings support for your public and private keys

  • Ok I got it working and was easy to SET UP Glad that someone took the time for this very MUCH NEEDED PLUGIN!!!!!!! I hope this really does work and my site is one of the BEST TESTS there are. I had to Disable all Registration due to Spam Bot accounts that were constantly being signed up. So I have now re-enabled the Elgg Registration but also still include both Facebook and OpenID as 2 other choices to Sign up on the Registation Page. Was easy to Put it on there also. Check it out if you like:

    Main Page is:

    Next things I been hoping for is a way to have Updates from either RSS Feeds or Facebook or Twitter post into The Wire. Also to have a Bookmarklet for The Wire like for the Bookmarks. But have it Pull the Title and URL only from Pages to post and have it keep within 140 Characters long. Is this possible and who and how can it be created and done. Please let me know.

  • For those interested, I uploaded a more advanced v2.0 with extended support for other forms in other mods beyond just registration and lost password. I'm keeping this one set as the Recommended version as it is plug and play whereas v2.0 required modifiying a few files. If you want to see v2.0, you can find it under Releases to the left.

  • You don't see a [Settings] link on the mod in Admin tools?

    What version of Elgg are you using?

    Have your tried running update or turning the caching off and back on after reloading the tools?

  • Hmm.

    Try this. Rename the


    folder to



  • Gah! That's what I get for uploading at 5am in the morning after a night of coding...

    Glad you got it working and thanks for catching that bug. I'll get an updated version posted later with a fixed version. (After some sleep!)

  • hi, i don't see any Setting option there :(


  • @lord55 - for the answer to your question, maybe read the rest of the posts above

  • i did and no setting link i see

  • @lord55

    I just uploaded 1.2.1 that fixes the admin settings problem.


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