Release Notes

Added full language support.

  • Same as the original but with added language support.

  • Nice, any chances of adding settings for the api key, etc?

    Can I maybe contact you about another subject? (elgg plugin related though)

  • @admino

    I'm sure I can, just a matter of getting the admin side set up. Honestly I threw this together for my own site and figured it would be a nice payback. I'm still learning the ins and outs of the Elgg code and haven't gotten around to working with the admin code. Yet.

    I'm trying to get my own site ready for a non-public public beta test with some friends and users, so this isn't a priority at the moment. That said however, I'm very likely to revisit this with an update when I get a chance. I want to add another idea I saw from another plugin called Uncaptcha and adding the API keys into admin to avoid having to hack the files is a good idea.

    I'd also like to get it to work with any form in Elgg.


  • RPG, good work from you, if you need help, I can guide you in adding the keys from Elgg admin panel. just pm me. Cheers :)

  • @adnimo, sorry forgot to respond to the other part, yes PM me, but I am pretty swamped at the moment.

    @adclose and TW, thanks. I'll holler if I have questions, trust me :)

  • I am going to Try this out I totally Disabled the Elgg Register Cababilities on my site and forced everyone to Sign up using Facebook or OpenID. I will try this out to see how it goes. Thanks for creating this I know it must have been difficult.

  • @adnimo

    Apparently I lied...

    Just uploaded 1.2 with admin support for the public and private keys.



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